I’m trying something new today (scary!!). I’ve had my blog here on Spotlife for years and years – I feel like it’s time for a change! From here on you’ll no longer find me here, I’ll be setting up shop at Devote instead!
More precisely, here:

Hope to see you there! :)

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A winter walk, Paris edition

IMG_0450IMG_0454IMG_0469IMG_0487IMG_0505IMG_0510IMG_0517The canal is empty! Apparently its being cleaned until April…? Haven’t seen a single person doing anything at all down there, but apparently its happening. Hm.

Today I took my new camera baby and my regular man by the arm and headed to one of my favourite walking spots around the city: La coulée verte! A beautiful winters day in the sun :)
Now; fish tacos & movie night!

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Bowie by The Fantasy Orchestra

On Sunday we were off to the suburbs to check out The Fantasy Orchestra’s hommage to the late David Bowie. We had already loosely decided to go to their soirée on Saturday, which had been planned for a long time. Due to the circumstances this of course sold out quickly, but I’m very happy to say that we managed to score seats to Sundays gathering. This is what it looked like:

Immensly enjoyed this whole experience, thank you guys!

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Blog-thoughts & some sunshine

Most days I love my blog. I love photography, I love gettting to know Photoshop better, I love putting together posts that I can look back on later. I love the creative process and I wish I could do more of it. But then comes days, and moments, where it just feels meaningless – and does anyone even visit my little site? Then I click in to one of my favourite blogs and suddenly feel 100 percent inspired again.
Its a bit of a tiring process to be honest. Hence the quiet here sometimes.

Anyway, just needed to get that down in black and white and (hopefully), for now, out of my system.

Regardless if anyone is reading this I’m gonna pop up a few pics from our last day in Portugal and Cascais last year. A wonderful holiday that I’ll remember for a long time.

21199853363_ba47db58a6_oAround noon we packed up all our stuff and headed down to the nearest café, where we had breakfast/brunch.

21830466131_b45836c667_o21809090322_fd58c6bfc0_o21830414841_18c81e6be9_oSince we weren’t flying back to Paris until that evening we had plenty of time for some more beach-hang! Missing this SO MUCH today!!!

21632821840_ed63d72484_oAfter a few hours it was time to dry the salty water, wipe off the warm sand and leave the beach. We went to a nearby place for a late lunch before getting on the train to Lisboa. Sadly it was the WORST place we went to during the whole holiday, haha.

21794689766_b195306975_oThe setting was nice though, a terrace on a little “place” in the heart of town. And the beers were cold. Only plus points that place gets I’m afraid…

21198065674_8b7e675574_o2€90 for a pint. For a PINT. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Paris anymore…

21198109274_7b1c352093_oThen we waved by to this paradise before travelling back to a rainy Paris.

Thank you Cascais for a wonderful time <3

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xmas 2015

The other day I took down the Christmas decorations here at home, which made me remember that I haven’t posted the pictures from Christmas eve yet! So here we go, last little taste of Christmas 2015:

IMG_3795After our eventful breakfast, which you’ve already seen, it didn’t take long until we started setting up for lunch! Duncan took a break to write some rhymes for gifts :)

IMG_3797Then it was time to crack in to Champagne cocktails!

IMG_3798For lunch we always have a very traditional spread. Mmmmm.

IMG_3799Mmmmm again :)

IMG_3800Mandel-masse-nasse! Try saying that quickly!

IMG_3802I’d love a plate of this right now….

IMG_3806Dad and I sat by the window, and I tried to figure out if he was wearing fake glasses or not??

IMG_3810He wasn’t.

IMG_3816Then it was time for Donald Duck and his friends on TV, and a nap for some. Hehe.

IMG_3821At 5 o’clock it’s time to be traditional again and head off to church! Not exactly my scene, but it’s really lovely to hear mum sing <3

IMG_3830All the cool kids were there!

IMG_3831Fanny, Duncan and mumma bear <3

IMG_3834And a pair of siblings!

IMG_3835Even Donald Trump was there 😮 haha..


IMG_3848After all that cool hangout we headed out in the cold and back home!

IMG_3882Where Santa and his reindeer appeared! Hehehe.

IMG_3883The reindeer might have been the cutest ever hahahaha…

IMG_3892And a very happy Father Christmas! (Sporting fake glasses! Hehehe)

IMG_3903Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Ho ho ho.

IMG_3921Then more food was taken in along with more cocktails, a lovely little Christmas Eve if I may say so myself!

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Street Bangkok

Last night D. and I decided to go out for dinner (nothing unusual there!). I was deep frozen after having stood outside at the boys football practice for almost two hours, so thai felt like just the thing. There’s a relatively new place by the canal, that we’ve been wanting to try for a while. Here comes the verdict…

IMG_3949The place looks really cool from the outside, they sell Thai street food, both to eat there or to take away. We wanted to sit down, and that’s where they immediately started collecting minus points… either way – cool lights in the ceiling, here reflected on to a table.

IMG_3950As soon as you step inside, a waiter who is not a waiter comes up to you with a piece of paper that serves as the menu. You can sit down wherever you like, but you have to go up to the counter to order, pay and pick up your food. The waiter who is not a waiter is there to answer questions about the menu – which was necessary as it was the most confusing thing I had ever seen.

IMG_3951For a plus point: apparently the kitchen staff, including the person in charge of creating the menu, are all from Thailand.

IMG_3954I managed to squeeeeze in to a table at the back while D. went up to get our food (we finally figured out how it worked). The layout of the place is positively terrible, and I really don’t know how it works when they’re more busy than they were last night. People sitting on top of each other and climbing over each other whenever someone wants to get another something to eat or drink.
Anyway, poured myself a (plastic) glass of water and prayed that at least the food would be good.

IMG_3955Now I know that this is a crappy picture and I should have tried harder to get a better one – but the point I want to make is that the food was DELICIOUS. D. and I both had different versions of a cold salad, a hot dish, rice and a sauce on top and all of it was absolutely delicious. All trotters up for the food!!

IMG_3957So having said all this, I would definitely eat food from Street again – but I would get it to go. I understand what kind of environment they’re trying to create, but it just results in it feeling messy, and cheap with the plastic cups, cardboard boxes to eat out of and lightweight wooden cutlery. Which is a shame when the food is THAT good!

IMG_3959Bye for this time Street! Looking forward to trying the rest of your dishes soon (at home though..!).

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A better day

Today when I woke up I was in a much better mood than I have been lately. The sun was out!!! Amazing what a difference it can make. Anyway, here’s a few quick snaps of my day so far :)

IMG_0375After lazing in bed for longer than I’d like to admit I got up to have breakfast: poached eggs (my fave) on rye bread, mixed leaves & tomato with herbes de provence. No better way to start the day! IMG_0380Put on mascara, posed by said sun and decided to go for a stroll before work.

IMG_0400Wandered down to my local library, which is situated in the Mairie de 10éme. Such a gorgeous building! Here’s the ceiling, I know it’s falling apart but I absolutely love it.

IMG_0409Then I strolled home and enjoyed the rays of sun over the city… now having a quick snack before picking up little boys for football practice. Good Tuesday!!

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Quick update

I haven’t written for ages, and honestly don’t feel very inspired to do so either. My days look more or less the same, the weather outside is grey and people are dying all over the place. So f-ing sad.
On a happier note (?), I just managed to get through first workout of 2016 today! Will really try to keep it up as it of course has endless benefits. Now, shower then prepping a nice dinner for tonight.

And on a different note, I’ve learned how to make GIFs in photoshop! Most exciting to happen this year haha. They have nothing to do with the text, but as I have nothing more interesting to show you, here they are anyway! First one is from when Mama and I were in Nice an autumn a few years ago, and it was still warm enough to hang out on the beach. The second one is me, mid-gif-learning.




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Absolutely wrecked after the first real day of work after the holidays (couldn’t think of a title for this post…). Nine hours straight with two hyper active kids, after pretty much no sleep. My brain is now mush, so will just post a few random pics from Stockholm over Christmas (again, sorry for the lack of new fun stuff). Tadaaaaa:

IMG_0165IMG_0173IMG_3645IMG_0293First view of Paris from the plane <3

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Carolina and I were supposed to see Five Finger Death Punch in November, but after everything that happened in Paris they ended up cancelling. Didn’t come as a chock at all, and we did get to see them twice over the summer so couldn’t really complain either. You’ve already seen my view of the Hellfest-gig (here :) ), here comes a slew of pics from when they played at Sweden Rock!

IMG_9765The sun was shining, we were on our way to see one of my favourite bands, and got a free art exhibition on the way (hehe). What more could one ask for??

IMG_9771IMG_9773IMG_9776Ivan seemed a LOT happier than during the gig at Hellfest.

IMG_9778Chris Kael. Cool dude. IMG_9780Loved that he was wearing a Judas Priest t-shirt! They’ve worked a lot together and Priest were playing later on that night. Was secretly hoping that Rob Halford would come up and join on Lift me up, but unfortunately he didn’t. Still a pretty f-ing great gig though!

IMG_9781IMG_9790IMG_9794IMG_9795This one makes me smile!

IMG_9798IMG_9803Zoltan Bathory – another very cool dude. Even just his name sounds like some kind of cool villain 😀

IMG_9811Jeremy Spencer! Who has the funniest, most inappropriate instagram around, hehe. Check it out here!
And watch this video too while you’re at it! “I really just want to break stuff.” You said it Jeremy.

IMG_9817Love these guys.
That’s all for now peeps!

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