Five finger death punch @ Hellfest

It is 38 degrees Celsius out there today. My brain is mush. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Anyway, here are a few pics of a little band called Five finger DEATH PUNCH! :)

So this was one of the gigs I was most looking forward to seeing – we saw them at Sweden Rock a couple of weeks earlier (more about that later) where they were amazing, so seeing them on a much larger scale was something I was very excited about. Sadly the sound absolutely sucked. No really, it was terrible. Such a disappointment :(

Ivan, the lead singer, seemed to be even more pissed off than usual on this particular night. At the lighting guy mostly, poor dude.. “I don’t need that spotlight burning off my cornea, I’m not Axl fucking Rose”. Hehe.

Although the sound was really crap (who was in charge of that?!), they’re still a great band and I look forward to seeing them many more times.








After they’d said goodbye we sat by the fire while Slipknot played at a stage nearby. Another good day in Hell gone by…

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