Moules in the sun

A few weeks ago I had a Sunday date with two of my favourite Parisians, Rosy & Richard. It’s an equally sunny day today, I’m prepping all the Christmas party-things I can before I pop out to pick up kids!
Anyway, a quick few pics from another sunny day :)

IMG_3190We went to l’Académie de la Bière, the best place in Paris for mussels! Here, Rosy looking serious and hungry. Hehe.

IMG_3191Hot tip if you like mussels and beer, and who the hell doesn’t?! 

IMG_3192We tried a few different ones, sadly don’t remember the names at all.. all nice though!

IMG_3193I had the same ones that I always have, the ones drowned in roquefort sauce. Mmmmmm…. 

IMG_3196A happy me, and Richards arm.. the only picture where you see him properly was one that I squeezed in to and looked absolutely terrible, so eh, sorry about that Richard :/

IMG_3199A dangerously strong, but very tasty, beer. And its cute! 

IMG_3200A beautiful sunny afternoon with tasty food, beer and good friends. What more could a girl ask for? 

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