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Bit quiet on le blog the past few days, as I’ve had a bit of a end of season work-spurt, and have been pretty much exhausted outside of that… Right now I’ve just managed to get two little boys in to their beds and am once again, absolutely exhausted. One more afternoon & evening of work (don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to bits!) then full focus on Christmas presents (cannot panic enough about this, wuaaa) and packing for Stockholm on Tuesday!!

For now, a few random pics from le iPhone. An honest look at life right now!

UntitledRecently made sock puppets with two little ones, made a ninja and this little mouse (who has a tail and all!). Big hit all round.

UntitledTried on dream shoes and almost shed a tear due to never being able to afford that kind of luxury… Rosy was more chipper: One day Elin, one day.

UntitledRe-discovered this old goodie, still makes me laugh. No really, makes me properly laugh out loud.

UntitledHad pizza with Carro at East Mamma, honestly the best pizza I’ve ever had. Went half half since we couldn’t decide on one. Kind of want to let everything go and RUN back there now….

UntitledNo idea when this was but thought I’d end this post with a cheesy smile, so tadaa!

Now, double-checking that little boys are in fact sleeping and not up to mischief, then Swedish Christmas TV and tea is on the menu :)

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