Birthday cats <3

Feeling slightly fragile today, after a fun night out yesterday… staying in bed with Jimmy Fallon on stream and cacio e pepe (simplest and yummiest pasta dish ever) today. So no fun pics from today I’m afraid, but lets have a peek at what I did for my birthday this year :) (only three months later, oops)

IMG_2611-RecoveredI woke up feverish and really didn’t want to do anything at all. Duncan, knowing me well (I get quite down if I do nothing at all a whole day), said we would go anywhere I wanted as long as we got out of the house for a bit. The loveliest thing I could think of in my feverish haze was to go cuddle with lots of cats <3

IMG_2615So we took a trip to the cat café!

IMG_2637You’re not allowed to feed the cats, which sometimes is very hard. This grey one in particular was persistent! So hard to resist…

IMG_2643Maybe she’s hiding treats in her bag??

IMG_2675IMG_2680After we patted the kitties goodbye we went to a cool record shop in le Marais, where Duncan managed to find Toys in the attic (Aerosmith’s best album, I’d been looking for it for AGES) and bought it for me as a birthday surprise!! <3 <3 <3

IMG_2684After an afternoon rest I decided I was well enough to meet up with Rosy for Vietnamese dinner!

IMG_2688Drank lots of tea and shared a few plates of goodies with Duncan.

IMG_2689Rosy had soup, and I was grateful for lovely people around me despite my sad state <3

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