Christmas morning

Christmas Eve is the big day here in Sweden, so the celebrations started as soon as we woke up this morning!

IMG_3775Jacob had decided that we were doing the classic almond in the porridge-game ( / competition). Here he is, heating up the special rice porridge. I might add that he prepped by dancing around to the Rocky soundtrack.

IMG_3777We sat down at the table and Egon hoped that some food would drop down, he gave his very best puppy eyes <3

IMG_3780So what happens is that somewhere in the pot of rice porridge (risgrynsgröt in Swedish) there is an almond, obviously no one knows which bowl it’s in. The one who gets it wins. Simple! And yummy.

IMG_3783Jacob won :( highly suspicious…. here he is, giving his acceptance speach. (Yes, we go all in in our family.)

IMG_3786Fanny wishing it would stop. Haha.

IMG_3794Then mama got to open the first present of the day (a miniature book, cute!) and that brings us to now!

More to come throughout the day :)
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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