As I’ve already mentioned, the other day we went to Skansen! Enjoyed this immensly and thought I’d share some pics:

IMG_3687It was a chilly but beautifully sunny day. Hopped off the bus and were greeted with this very typical Swedish sight.

IMG_3689Found these fun things to pose by. Hehe.

IMG_3690A little cutie!


IMG_3693Skansen isn’t just a zoo for Nordic animals, but the worlds first open air museum. Its full of old houses, windmills etc. Feels like stepping right back in time.

IMG_3695IMG_3701Sheep!! You’re allowed to pet them, but not feed them.

IMG_3705Reindeer!! How cute?? Although a bit blurry :(

IMG_3711Fantastic Mr Fox :) (great movie by Wes Anderson if you haven’t seen it!)

IMG_3720Loved the owls

IMG_3723D. liked the bear :)

IMG_3728The sun sets very early this time of year, felt lucky we got to see it at all.

IMG_3731We got to watch this guy feed the seals :)


IMG_3742Happy pig!!!! <3

IMG_3749The tongue!! Soon I can do a whole post with just animals sticking their little tounges out <3

IMG_3754After the piggies we started heading out, passing through this scenic bit.

IMG_3761Posed by a windmill. As you do.

IMG_3766Then we hopped on a tram back in to the modern world!

IMG_3768And I went for coffee with Bella, who was super happy with her Christmas present, yay!

A wonderful day in Stockholm town :)

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