Carolina and I were supposed to see Five Finger Death Punch in November, but after everything that happened in Paris they ended up cancelling. Didn’t come as a chock at all, and we did get to see them twice over the summer so couldn’t really complain either. You’ve already seen my view of the Hellfest-gig (here :) ), here comes a slew of pics from when they played at Sweden Rock!

IMG_9765The sun was shining, we were on our way to see one of my favourite bands, and got a free art exhibition on the way (hehe). What more could one ask for??

IMG_9771IMG_9773IMG_9776Ivan seemed a LOT happier than during the gig at Hellfest.

IMG_9778Chris Kael. Cool dude. IMG_9780Loved that he was wearing a Judas Priest t-shirt! They’ve worked a lot together and Priest were playing later on that night. Was secretly hoping that Rob Halford would come up and join on Lift me up, but unfortunately he didn’t. Still a pretty f-ing great gig though!

IMG_9781IMG_9790IMG_9794IMG_9795This one makes me smile!

IMG_9798IMG_9803Zoltan Bathory – another very cool dude. Even just his name sounds like some kind of cool villain 😀

IMG_9811Jeremy Spencer! Who has the funniest, most inappropriate instagram around, hehe. Check it out here!
And watch this video too while you’re at it! “I really just want to break stuff.” You said it Jeremy.

IMG_9817Love these guys.
That’s all for now peeps!

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