Quick update

I haven’t written for ages, and honestly don’t feel very inspired to do so either. My days look more or less the same, the weather outside is grey and people are dying all over the place. So f-ing sad.
On a happier note (?), I just managed to get through first workout of 2016 today! Will really try to keep it up as it of course has endless benefits. Now, shower then prepping a nice dinner for tonight.

And on a different note, I’ve learned how to make GIFs in photoshop! Most exciting to happen this year haha. They have nothing to do with the text, but as I have nothing more interesting to show you, here they are anyway! First one is from when Mama and I were in Nice an autumn a few years ago, and it was still warm enough to hang out on the beach. The second one is me, mid-gif-learning.




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