Street Bangkok

Last night D. and I decided to go out for dinner (nothing unusual there!). I was deep frozen after having stood outside at the boys football practice for almost two hours, so thai felt like just the thing. There’s a relatively new place by the canal, that we’ve been wanting to try for a while. Here comes the verdict…

IMG_3949The place looks really cool from the outside, they sell Thai street food, both to eat there or to take away. We wanted to sit down, and that’s where they immediately started collecting minus points… either way – cool lights in the ceiling, here reflected on to a table.

IMG_3950As soon as you step inside, a waiter who is not a waiter comes up to you with a piece of paper that serves as the menu. You can sit down wherever you like, but you have to go up to the counter to order, pay and pick up your food. The waiter who is not a waiter is there to answer questions about the menu – which was necessary as it was the most confusing thing I had ever seen.

IMG_3951For a plus point: apparently the kitchen staff, including the person in charge of creating the menu, are all from Thailand.

IMG_3954I managed to squeeeeze in to a table at the back while D. went up to get our food (we finally figured out how it worked). The layout of the place is positively terrible, and I really don’t know how it works when they’re more busy than they were last night. People sitting on top of each other and climbing over each other whenever someone wants to get another something to eat or drink.
Anyway, poured myself a (plastic) glass of water and prayed that at least the food would be good.

IMG_3955Now I know that this is a crappy picture and I should have tried harder to get a better one – but the point I want to make is that the food was DELICIOUS. D. and I both had different versions of a cold salad, a hot dish, rice and a sauce on top and all of it was absolutely delicious. All trotters up for the food!!

IMG_3957So having said all this, I would definitely eat food from Street again – but I would get it to go. I understand what kind of environment they’re trying to create, but it just results in it feeling messy, and cheap with the plastic cups, cardboard boxes to eat out of and lightweight wooden cutlery. Which is a shame when the food is THAT good!

IMG_3959Bye for this time Street! Looking forward to trying the rest of your dishes soon (at home though..!).

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