xmas 2015

The other day I took down the Christmas decorations here at home, which made me remember that I haven’t posted the pictures from Christmas eve yet! So here we go, last little taste of Christmas 2015:

IMG_3795After our eventful breakfast, which you’ve already seen, it didn’t take long until we started setting up for lunch! Duncan took a break to write some rhymes for gifts :)

IMG_3797Then it was time to crack in to Champagne cocktails!

IMG_3798For lunch we always have a very traditional spread. Mmmmm.

IMG_3799Mmmmm again :)

IMG_3800Mandel-masse-nasse! Try saying that quickly!

IMG_3802I’d love a plate of this right now….

IMG_3806Dad and I sat by the window, and I tried to figure out if he was wearing fake glasses or not??

IMG_3810He wasn’t.

IMG_3816Then it was time for Donald Duck and his friends on TV, and a nap for some. Hehe.

IMG_3821At 5 o’clock it’s time to be traditional again and head off to church! Not exactly my scene, but it’s really lovely to hear mum sing <3

IMG_3830All the cool kids were there!

IMG_3831Fanny, Duncan and mumma bear <3

IMG_3834And a pair of siblings!

IMG_3835Even Donald Trump was there 😮 haha..


IMG_3848After all that cool hangout we headed out in the cold and back home!

IMG_3882Where Santa and his reindeer appeared! Hehehe.

IMG_3883The reindeer might have been the cutest ever hahahaha…

IMG_3892And a very happy Father Christmas! (Sporting fake glasses! Hehehe)

IMG_3903Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Ho ho ho.

IMG_3921Then more food was taken in along with more cocktails, a lovely little Christmas Eve if I may say so myself!

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