Right before I fell asleep last night I read the incredibly sad news of Lemmy Kilmisters passing. I had just the day before read an interview with him in Classic rock magazine, where he spoke about how tired he was of people asking about his health. How he would keep playing rock and roll until the very last day.
He turned 70 on Christmas eve, found out he was sick on the 26th and was dead by the 28th. Still very unreal. I’ve blasted Motörhead all day (of course) and count myself very lucky to have seen them numerous times.

15666751187_b4d7bdded2_oTook this when Duncan and I went to see them play Zenith in November 2014. The world of rock will not be the same after yesterday. 

Year in music

Its that time of the year again! When Spotify summarizes what you’ve listened to over the past year – I love it! I can’t say I was shocked by my results, but quite amused… have a look:

firstofyearThe first track I listened to this year was this party track, haha! I was thinking it was probably at the New Years party at Sophia’s place, but then I realized that we had left her apartment by midnight and were out and about.. so apparently this felt like a good way to start the new year, and get over the hangover on January 1st. Ha.

1My most listened to band/artist was Five Finger Death Punch, which I’m not at all surprised by. I’ve really only discovered them this past year and have been going through the albums over, and over, and over again… the rest of my top five were: The Rolling Stones (have had Sticky Fingers & Exile on Main Street on repeat quite a few times), Aerosmith, Slash (like every other year then) and Airbourne :)

6Top album, surprise! NOT. Haha. The surprise was in number two, Lily Allen’s Alright Still. It’s on one of my frequently played Spotifylists so I guess it comes up a bit. The rest is as expected: Airbourne, Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers, what did I say!) and Slash’s latest <3

toplataretttillfemffdphahaNow this one I do find quite funny: ALL of my top five listened to tracks the past year were by FFDP. ALL of them. Haha! 

genreTop Genres, hehe. Dance Pop sneaked in to 5th position due to lots of 90’s nostalgia dance-nights I’m sure :)

3509I listened to 3509 different tracks… 

1182lrffdpigenhahaBy 1182 different artists! 

31tusen21 days straight of music – I actually thought it would be more! I guess I listen to a lot of podcasts too, and at home its mostly vinyl these days. 

Anyway, if you use Spotify you too can check out your year in music, right here! 

Jazz with Ellen at La Cave

A few weeks ago Kat took me to one of her old regular spots, to see a fellow Swede sing. The photos didn’t come out as good as I had hoped, they’re all a bit blurry somehow. Pretty sure the ISO was turned up too high for some reason – anyway, hopefully you get a bit of the feeling anyway!

The cave is a bar/restaurant in the 18th arrondissement, they do live music, yummy food and a general good vibe! And soon they’ll have a proper cave too :)

I’d never met nor heard Ellen sing before, and I’m so glad I got to! She’s fantastic! Excited to see her perform again soon.




Check out the Ellen Birath band-page on facebook here, and have a little listen below! Enjoy!!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

AC/DC at Stade de France

Before the festival madness started, we had arranged to go see a little (hehe) warm up band here in Paris. AC-f’in-DC!!!

I had managed to snatch us Golden Circle tickets, so we were right up by the stage. With a sea of people behind us…

Slightly manic, but hey – it’s AC/DC.

A band called Vintage Trouble opened, they were so much fun! Have been randomly humming “1, 2, 3 push your pelvis for me” ever since, haha. Listen below!

YouTube Preview Image
Love the video too :)

Then it went dark….

And it was ON!!!!

So many photos from this night – I’ve posted quite a few of them, since you know… it’s AC/DC. Hehe. Won’t comment on each one. Enjoy!! (again, I know I did!)

So sad that Malcolm Young can’t play with them anymore, and that Phil Rudd has messed up one too many times and can’t either… but these dudes still do such an AMAZING job! Absolutely one of the top gigs I’ve ever been to. LOVED IT.

So then I took my horns, and my Carolina by the hand <3 and headed to the metro with the thousands of other people planning the same.

Horses made sure no chaos ensued. Very well organized, thumbs up Stade de France!

An amazing night that I hope to experience again!!!!!!!

Slash, Myles & co in Stockholm

Staying on gig-pics for another while, since I have around a million from these past few weeks… jumping back to the end of May now, and the reason to why I changed my ticket to fly back to Stockholm just a liiiiiiittle bit sooner than expected….

Slash, Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators were playing at the local amusement park – something I obviously couldn’t miss by one puny little day. So since you only pay the entrance fee for gigs there I got there around 6 hours ahead of time and plopped down by the stage to guard my front row spot. Hehe. AMAZING surprise when the band did soundcheck themselves about halfway through my long wait 😀

Bit blown out on the white balance unfortunately, but I still love this pic and felt it had to be shared. Todd <3

Slash in comfy pants and beanie 😀

After soundcheck I later found out they went next door to the Abba museum, while I continued guarding my spots from clueless hanging out-teens. Felt like a grumpy old lady. Eventually Sophia joined me and it kicked off!! 

They opened with Avalon, which was surprising as it’s not a single, and due to the venue a lot of the crowd were teens who happened to have heard some of the classic guns n roses stuff, but none of their new stuff. I happily bopped along though, of course. Pictured: Frank Sidoris :)

Myles Kennedy!!!! Best voice of our time!

Todd Kerns rocked out, as usual!

Since I took over a hundred photos I’ll stop narrating for a while now and let you enjoy them in peace. And don’t worry, I haven’t posted nearly all of them!! 

There’s a lot of hair in this group 😀

Guess how much I love this one???

Todd’s head on fire 😮

Then the confetti was shot out over the crowd, Paradise City was played and it was over for this time… 

Lucky for me I was gonna see them not once, but twice more this summer. Hehe. 

An amazing gig as always, I’m counting seven times that I’ve seen them as a group now (then individually/in other constellations another few times) and I hope to see them another seven times – at least. They change up the setlist every time and give it absolutely 100% every single time. Amazing, amazing guys. 

So we waved goodbye to Gronalund for this time and strolled homewards in the summer evening. A pretty perfect evening if you ask me. 

Abba in Stockholm

Today we decided to play tourists and visit the Abba museum here in Stockholm! This is how it looked:

Mom and I started by hanging out with Björn and Benny :)

Love this one, haha.

t was a really great museum I thought, you got to see all their careers from start, all the way until the end of Abba.

The fifth member :)

Yes, lots of fun cheesy pics were taken. Brace yourselves. Hehe.

Abba – like a tattoo on your soul <3

Mom found her new calling in life at the mixing table-challenge :)

We naturally hung out in the recording studio!

Three happy singers!

Found an AC/DC poster?!

Mama and I apparently get in to helicopters EXACTLY the same way, haha!

I call this one “the highjacker”. Muohaha.


The wax dolls were very realistic – they look so tiny!

We were there for just over two hours, it flew past! I would happily recommend this to anyone passing through, or living in Stockholm. I loved it <3

Then we got the ferry home!

Movie night

Last week we invited over two chicas for movie night, a perfect mid-week break!

There were LOTS of snacks! Popcorn, wasabi chips, crab sticks, fried chinese nibbles, meaty tapas, blinis, houmus and mini cupcakes. Good times.

Cry baby was on the menu! One of my favourite movies.

Girls! Ambre, and Delphine who hadn’t seen Cry baby before (insert chocked face here)

Movie night continued on in the same spirit with another fave: Dirty dancing, of course <3

After the girls Duncan and I watched Point break in bed, a perfectly lovely Wednesday night, thanks guys!

Saxon @ Bataclan

A while ago I posted pics from when we went to see Skid Row at Bataclan – and I mentioned that they were followed by another band. None other than the legendary Saxon!!

I had parked myself right at the front, of course. Pumped!

Then suddenly it was ON! Biff Byford, yeeeeah!

As usual there are around a thousand pics – I’ve tried to narrow it down a bit here, but there are still a lot… will let you enjoy them in silence :)



















LOTS of sweat, a set-list for me (YAY!) and a fantastic two hours later it was over – for this time. Thank you, you legends!!!!!!

Elton John @ Bercy

A few weeks ago I had booked us tickets to see one of my lifelong idols – Sir Elton John!

We got there on good time and saw the opening act as well, nothing that stuck in my mind unfortunately. Can’t for the life of me remember the guys name…

Since I got the tickets quite we had to just take whatever we could get. Unfortunately the seats on the sides go REALLY high up. Not great for one who is very much afraid of heights (ME).

I went to a happy place (elton john, elton john, elton john) and chugged my beer. Phew.

And suddenly THERE HE WAS!

The second song he played was Candle in the wind, and I completely broke down. SO AMAZING.

An incredible joy to see this man live – every bit as humble, sweet and fantastically talented as I had hoped.

And check out the shoes!!!!!!! I die.

A bit of the band :)

And the incredibly sparkly jacket. I die. Again.

He got up between every single song to thank everyone – he literally walked across the stage during the whole gig to thank everyone, even the people in the far away seats at the top (us.).

It wasn’t until he got up and walked around that I fully realized that this is an old man, who has been doing this… well forever it feels like.

He spoke a bit between songs as well, saying that he has never been as happy as he is now, which just made me cry all over again. It all felt incredibly genuine.

It’s lonely out in space…

Happy E.J!

LOVED this little lady in front of us, who’s gray head bopped along to all the songs. Pretty cool to see an artist who has fans of all ages and from all walks of life.

He played lots of the old hits, I’m still standing being one of them. Mom and I had a thing about that song when we went to London years ago, it was so cool to get to hear it live! Thought of you mumma <3

No, thank YOU! Hehe.

Oh and suddenly, like it was on cue (??) the people in the seats just flooded up to the stage!

Ze band :)

Towards the end he stopped to give out autographs and handshakes, very cool!! Very rare that you can get all the way up to the stage, don’t feel like that would work at a metal gig… people would just get up on stage and total chaos would ensue.

Some guy did climb up on stage! Risky business I thought, but Elton seemed pleased.

A little tid-bit!

An absolutely fantastic evening – I am forever grateful that I got to see and hear this amazing human being play. Cannot praise him enough. E.J forever <3 <3 <3

Skid Row @ Bataclan

A couple of weeks back Duncan, Simone and I headed over to the Bataclan again, this time to see Skid Row! Oh, and they were followed by another band… pics from that up soon :)

I had gotten the afternoon off from work (thanks again boss!!), and we decided to meet up at the bar next door to Bataclan.

IMG_4855L’Aperock café, a place that I thought looked really cool. Sadly it was TRÈS expensive. Boo.

After a quick pint we trotted in to the venue, and posed by the t-shirts. Hehe.

Then it was on! A band called Halcyon Way were up first.

Loud and heavy – just the way I like it!

I got a distinct Slayer feel from the guitarist! Don’t ask how or why, just the vibe somehow.

I managed to accidentally meet the band after it was over too – haha! I was walking to the toilets when a guy I recognized as the bassist put out his hand. Great gig I said, shook everyone’s hand and proceeded to the ladies room. Ha!

Found this on a window. Cute.

Then it was time for SKID ROW! 😀

Madness ensued.

It’s the third time I’ve seen them now, and it’s just as energetic and LOUD every time. I love it!

I might have left the guys behind and firmly planted myself by the stage. Hehe.


Mr Rachel Bolan!

He’s the founder (together with Snake, glimpsed on the left) and main song writer of the group. Apparently outside of Skid Row he records albums with Ace Frehley and drives race cars. Cool dude.

Snake!! You might remember that I got to meet the group a few years back – this is the dude who got me in! Read up on my groupie story here, haha.

How cool is that belt??

Scotti Hill looked happy, and so did I. GREAT gig as usual!