Street Bangkok

Last night D. and I decided to go out for dinner (nothing unusual there!). I was deep frozen after having stood outside at the boys football practice for almost two hours, so thai felt like just the thing. There’s a relatively new place by the canal, that we’ve been wanting to try for a while. Here comes the verdict…

IMG_3949The place looks really cool from the outside, they sell Thai street food, both to eat there or to take away. We wanted to sit down, and that’s where they immediately started collecting minus points… either way – cool lights in the ceiling, here reflected on to a table.

IMG_3950As soon as you step inside, a waiter who is not a waiter comes up to you with a piece of paper that serves as the menu. You can sit down wherever you like, but you have to go up to the counter to order, pay and pick up your food. The waiter who is not a waiter is there to answer questions about the menu – which was necessary as it was the most confusing thing I had ever seen.

IMG_3951For a plus point: apparently the kitchen staff, including the person in charge of creating the menu, are all from Thailand.

IMG_3954I managed to squeeeeze in to a table at the back while D. went up to get our food (we finally figured out how it worked). The layout of the place is positively terrible, and I really don’t know how it works when they’re more busy than they were last night. People sitting on top of each other and climbing over each other whenever someone wants to get another something to eat or drink.
Anyway, poured myself a (plastic) glass of water and prayed that at least the food would be good.

IMG_3955Now I know that this is a crappy picture and I should have tried harder to get a better one – but the point I want to make is that the food was DELICIOUS. D. and I both had different versions of a cold salad, a hot dish, rice and a sauce on top and all of it was absolutely delicious. All trotters up for the food!!

IMG_3957So having said all this, I would definitely eat food from Street again – but I would get it to go. I understand what kind of environment they’re trying to create, but it just results in it feeling messy, and cheap with the plastic cups, cardboard boxes to eat out of and lightweight wooden cutlery. Which is a shame when the food is THAT good!

IMG_3959Bye for this time Street! Looking forward to trying the rest of your dishes soon (at home though..!).

Birthday cats <3

Feeling slightly fragile today, after a fun night out yesterday… staying in bed with Jimmy Fallon on stream and cacio e pepe (simplest and yummiest pasta dish ever) today. So no fun pics from today I’m afraid, but lets have a peek at what I did for my birthday this year :) (only three months later, oops)

IMG_2611-RecoveredI woke up feverish and really didn’t want to do anything at all. Duncan, knowing me well (I get quite down if I do nothing at all a whole day), said we would go anywhere I wanted as long as we got out of the house for a bit. The loveliest thing I could think of in my feverish haze was to go cuddle with lots of cats <3

IMG_2615So we took a trip to the cat café!

IMG_2637You’re not allowed to feed the cats, which sometimes is very hard. This grey one in particular was persistent! So hard to resist…

IMG_2643Maybe she’s hiding treats in her bag??

IMG_2675IMG_2680After we patted the kitties goodbye we went to a cool record shop in le Marais, where Duncan managed to find Toys in the attic (Aerosmith’s best album, I’d been looking for it for AGES) and bought it for me as a birthday surprise!! <3 <3 <3

IMG_2684After an afternoon rest I decided I was well enough to meet up with Rosy for Vietnamese dinner!

IMG_2688Drank lots of tea and shared a few plates of goodies with Duncan.

IMG_2689Rosy had soup, and I was grateful for lovely people around me despite my sad state <3

The Gang

Just got back from lunch with the gang (yeah I have a gang, duh), wished Rosy a Holly Jolly Christmas as she pops off to England this evening. About to head to pick up a couple of kiddies at school but thought I’d drop in with a quick hello.
Hello! ūüėÄ

IMG_3572IMG_3573My eyes and Rosy’s have disappeared.. sign of a good time I think, hehe.

And me being a dork right this minute!

Now off to work, Happy Friday guys!!!

Everyday kind of things

Popping in with a few quick pics of a lazy day this week…

IMG_3473Woke up late (nothing new there) and decided to go for brunch at Ten Belles, a pretty great way to start the day!

IMG_34771182lrffdpigenhahaIMG_3478UntitledWandered back home along the canal :)

UntitledPopped in to one or two shops along the way…

IMG_3481Then I spent the aftenoon cooking up a storm, loosely based on this recipe. Added lots of chili & coriander, an amazingly yummy meal, perfect for a cold day.

Now catching up on my Christmas TV with tea & Swedish cheese :)

Moules in the sun

A few weeks ago I had a Sunday date with two of my favourite Parisians, Rosy & Richard. It’s an equally sunny day today, I’m prepping all the Christmas party-things I can before I pop out to pick up kids!
Anyway, a quick few pics from another sunny day :)

IMG_3190We went to l’Acad√©mie de la Bi√®re, the best place in Paris for mussels! Here, Rosy looking serious and hungry. Hehe.

IMG_3191Hot tip if you like mussels and beer, and who the hell doesn’t?!¬†

IMG_3192We tried a few different ones, sadly don’t remember the names at all.. all nice though!

IMG_3193I¬†had the same ones that I always have, the ones drowned in roquefort sauce. Mmmmmm….¬†

IMG_3196A happy me, and Richards arm.. the only picture where you see him properly was one that I squeezed in to and looked absolutely terrible, so eh, sorry about that Richard :/

IMG_3199A dangerously strong, but very tasty, beer. And its cute! 

IMG_3200A beautiful sunny afternoon with tasty food, beer and good friends. What more could a girl ask for? 

Lambrettazzurra Pizzeria in Cascais

Again, in the midst of creating our own little Winter Wonderland here at home, but stopping in to say hello to you guys :)
We only have a couple more days left of our lovely trip to Portugal to go through, so here’s another little throwback post – to a hungover day in the town of Cascais. Hehe.

IMG_2394As already stated, this was the day after our big night out in Cascais so we were feeling quite fragile. We decided that pizza was the only option for dinner, and wandered to a place not far from where we were staying. Little lizzies everywhere, love ’em.

IMG_2396Loved this graffiti, from 7AM to 7PM, other than that – go wild! Haha.

IMG_2397 We made it to a very cute little italian homely place, and sat down inside.

IMG_2399IMG_2400IMG_2402Felt brave, in spite of le hangover, and ordered Peronis…

IMG_2404At every place we went to they put out little cheeses, bread etc at the table when we arrived. What we didn’t know the first time was that if you don’t say no, you pay for it (good little tip while traveling in Portugal). It’s not expensive though, and most of the time, really tasty. Like this little plate of olives, parmesan and pecorino. YUM.

IMG_2410I was a tad tired, but happy non the less. The whole place smelled heavenly!

IMG_2414IMG_2416Lambrettazzurra – a must if you go to Cascais!

IMG_2421We ordered two different pizzas and shared both, they were both absolutely delicious.

IMG_2423 Getting a tad hungry just looking at this…

IMG_2426Not only was the food delicious but the couple who worked there (at least, we think they were a couple) were lovely too. There was a small matter of a language barrier, but we worked around it and the chef happily came out and went through every pizza on the menu so that we could make the right choice. So sweet and welcoming!

IMG_2431Afterwards we were stuffed, but couldn’t resist asking for a bit of the homemade cake to take back to bed… One word only: YUM.

East Mamma take 2, and a birthday boy

I keep reading about all the horrible things going on in the world, but I do understand that life has to go on. The other day was D’s birthday and nothing was going to stop us from enjoying it!

The day started with breakfast in bed! Poached eggs on toast with tomato, cheese & avocado, coffee, grapefruit, banana bread-birthday cake & Alestorm giving out points, hehe. Inside was the Hollywood version of Dobble, a great game we’ve been spent a large part of the day playing.¬†

In the evening we decided to give East Mamma another go, after our rather disappointing experience there last time. I got a plate with a pig on it and felt like we were off to a strong start.

Peronis and D. chuckling about some mischief he was surely up to… comme d’hab.¬†

The restaurant was packed which was so nice to see. No one is going to stop Parisians from living their lives and going out on the town. And no one is going to stop me from smiling and laughing! Basta!

(Fake) Parmesan. Surrounded by cheese & pig plates. Good times.

The women next to us got this HUGE bread thingie with a HUGE tub of Nutella for dessert! D. sneakily snapped a pic.

I wore earrings that one of “my” families brought me back from Bangladesh. Love them. Both the earrings and the family!

We started with the Bruschetta Mix, a sample of all the ones they do. Absolutely delicious, cannot pick a favourite. 

Duncan had the pasta with sanglier (wild boar?) – SO NICE. Wanted to catnap it for myself.

My pasta was very nice too though, it had sausage and pleurote mushrooms that practically melted on my tongue.

After that I was about to bust, but D. made room for dessert! Banana toffee cake, not my cup of tea but he seemed quite content.

I’m glad to say that this experience was WAY better than last time, and I’m already looking forward to going back!

Mum, Mr Elfman and lots of food!

Now mama has hopped off to the airport, and life is going back to normal for a while. Today felt like the first real day of autumn, the air was crisp when we stepped outside. Not complaining (yet), it’s sunny and quite beautiful out – and for once I don’t really mind putting on an extra sweater.
Anyway, here comes a little summary of our weekend, en famille :)

IMG_2887On Saturday the plan was to head out after dinner, but we ended up ordering pizza and watching a movie in bed.. hehe. Pas mal when the best pizza place in town delivers to your door! Pink flamingo for the win!! IMG_2888
Mumma got her regular aubergine/hoummus one, might have to get it next time…
IMG_2891So hard when there’s one with 8 (EIGHT) cheeses on though..!!! D. and I shared the magic 8 & their most simple one, with fresh tomato, basil and gorgeous mozzarella. IMG_2893
The next day we started out with a little walk followed by a private yogi-class for me (mumma bear being a certified yoga instructor and all!), then the leftovers from Friday night.
IMG_2894Later on in the afternoon we were off to Le Grand Rex…. IMG_2896
For this ūüėÄ I got tickets for mum last Christmas, and it was finally time to cash in on them!
IMG_2900I love it in there, so fairy tale-y! IMG_2911
The show was FANTASTIC!!! Absolutely loved every minute of it. It was divided in to sections for each movie, the orchestra would play and on the big screen they showed clips from the films plus original sketches by Tim Burton. And towards the end Danny Elfman himself (genius man!!!!!!) came out and sang the Jack Skellington-parts from Nightmare before Christmas! Dream come true!
IMG_2915I cannot stress how amazing this was – they played my all time favourite “Ice dance” from Edward Scissorhands and I cried half a lake. SO beautiful. The encore number was The Oogie Boogie Song (the conductor did Santa’s parts, in French! Hence the hat – surprise of the night :) ) which has a special place in our family’s hearts <3IMG_2916
After this amazing experience we were HUNGRY and went to meet up with Duncan for dinner at American Kitchen, second time in a week hehehe.
Feasted on onion rings, chicken sticks & burgers…IMG_2919

Some even splurged on dessert!IMG_2922
And today we had most of the day here before mumma had to head to the airport. I showed her my gym, where she put me through a workout that I’m quite sure I will be feeling for days! Great fun though, of course.
After a nice shower we went for lunch at a new place that has just opened right next door to where we live. I was trés excited!IMG_2924
A Cambodian place! Here: mum’s Bo Bun with tofu.¬†
I tried udon noodles (with lots of stuff on hehe), something I’d never had before – it was delissshhh!IMG_2926
A really friendly place with great food, I’ll be sure to write them a good review on trip advisor, and send all my friends there!
Touytouyt! Go go!

Anyway, that was a good few hours ago now and I think it’s time to think about food again… hehe. Thanks mumma bear ( /yogi bear) for a lovely weekend <3


Before I skip off to work I thought I’d pop in with a few quick pics of when Elvira was here, and we had “fika” at the cat caf√© <3

My favourite… hehehe.

Now we’ve waved goodbye to yet another plumber who didn’t do anything, I’m off to work for a few hours – and when I get back, mumma bear will be here!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Rainy day

We started this slightly overcast day by heading to Galeries LaFayette (again) for a quick errand, then we wandered in and out of my favourite shops along the canal. The rain got a bit heavier as we walked and we ended up spending the afternoon at home, which was actually really cosy. For Bellas last night here we went out for burgers….

I got his beauty from Molly Brackens shop in Galeries LaFayette, don’t know if the picture shows how shiny and sparkly it is???? I’m in love.

IMG_2800American Kitchen delivered, just like last time. SO. YUM. IMG_2802
Now an ep of Hannibal in bed before snoozy time..