Flashback September

I’ve fallen behind on the flashback posts again, but since I’m stubborn I’m not giving up but playing catch up again. Lets have a peek at Septembers through the years!

Sep 082008
In 2008 my biggest interest seemed to be shopping and watching Gossip Girl, hehe. I looked like this and Linda came to town to celebrate my birthday, at cool restaurant Kong! Dad had organised it as he had heard that they recorded a scene in Sex and the city there, great great birthday surprise :)

In September -09 my Marc Jacobs bag full of valuables was stolen, at Cafe Oz. Above is a list of everything that was in it: Wallet from Guess containing Navigo pass and 200€ in cash, camera, keys for 3 separate apartments (major anxiety on that one), 2 cell phones (2!), iPod, my glasses, a jacket & scarf, sunglasses and a book that I’d borrowed from someone. Not a fun night to say the least.

Sep09no2But I survived that too! Looked like this and stayed with Marcel & Angela until we could move back in to our lovely apartment (which happens to be the one I still live in!). We were between apartments for a while, stayed in a hostel amongst other spots. Forever grateful to the friends that helped us out during that time!!!

Sep10In 2010 I celebrated Birthday Week (Emilias bday is one day after mine) with these hotties. Good little crew. 

Sep10no2Also had my first photoshoot with Eva, great fun! The header photo on this blog is from that shoot. Oh and went to see Guns n Roses (well, Axl & co) at Bercy!

sep11no2In 2011 I was still in a cast after breaking my right leg. Stuck at home, which was incredibly frustrating. Luckily Sophia was with me pretty much the whole time, and one particularly slow day I decided it was time for Little Mermaid-hair! Loved it but couldn’t be bothered with the upkeep, I’m way too lazy. If you want to see the process (including me as a blonde, very scary) click here

Sep12Most of September 2012 was spent in India, with “my” family. This sign still gives me the giggles… 

sep12no3With my little prince <3

Sep13In 2013 I turned 25, and two family members flew in from Stockholm! Wandered around markets, drank champagne and went out for dinner. Lovely lovely. 

Sep13no2And Duncan and I spent a day at Versailles! Love the gardens.

Sep14In 2014 I flew to Stockholm for a few days. Hung out with this bella donna <3

Sep14no2And raced around the island of Lidingö with mum! Represented La France in happy ears and extremely pink jacket. 

IMG_2630And this year you’ve pretty much just seen, so won’t go in to detail. Spent my birthday sick, but managed to go for lunch at the cat cafe <3

That’s all for September, October and November hopefully coming up soon… 
Now we’ve got two plumbers (finally) replacing our shower, very excited to be able to shower properly tonight!!!! Don’t take these things for granted people… 

Dead roses chez Rodin

Now this is quite the leap back in town, to an August afternoon this year, when my darling Kittie Kat was still in town. We’ve made it a tradition to go smell roses at the Rodin museum every summer – here comes this years outing!

20506747092_579e83d4c3_o2Around the corner lies this view, pas mal eh?

20515586075_5f17da462c_o2The museum in itself was closed for renovations, but that didn’t bother us as we were just there for the flowers. 2€ is what you pay for just the garden, great price for all the beauty hiding in there!

19892914004_cd59510afa_o2Went a bit nuts on editing this time around, its just so much fun! Hope you like it :)

20328857929_a5052c6042_o2Quick photo session by the toilets before hitting the garden.

IMG_1133no2Now I won’t comment every photo coming up, as I don’t feel they need any further explanation.. you might notice a theme though, see if you can guess what I mean. Hehe.
(the title of this post might be a hint too, haha. I love the dead, and all that 😉 )

IMG_1231no2If you haven’t been yet, I hope that this was motivation enough!

IMG_1248no2Afterwards we trotted back to my place an opened a quite wonderful bottle of wine.

IMG_1249no2And cheese…. 


Lots of cheese…

That’s all for now folks, hope you have a lovely Sunday evening! 

Carro pt II <3

I’m in the midst of trying to achieve chicken wing-magic, which is incredibly time consuming with France’s tiniest oven.. sigh. Taking a short break to pop up some more pics from when Carro was here <3

IMG_3326no2Carro had the coolest hair! IMG_3327no2I made cacio e pepe, the simplest and yummy-est pasta dish ever!

IMG_3329no2Carro thought it was a bit cold so she danced around the heater, hehe. IMG_3351no2

Aw <3

IMG_3352no2Aaw again <3

IMG_3354no2And aaaw again! <3 <3 <3

A visit from my bestie was exactly what I needed, it was so lovely to hug her for a few days. Now I have to finish off these damn wings (they’re really starting to annoy me now) and run out the door! Happy Saturday lovers!

Place de la Republique

The first day Carolina was here we decided to take a walk along the canal. Before we knew it we had ended up by Republique, which is still filled with news trucks and people paying their respects. Flowers and candles everywhere, people singing and playing music. So sad but also very beautiful to see people coming together in these dark times.

IMG_3313The ever changing wall (that I’ve photographed many times before, I love that it looks different every time I walk past it) had this message on it, its been used on Paris’ coat of arms since the 1300’s and means “Tossed but not sunk”. Feels very accurate right now. IMG_3314
The fountain surrounding Marianne was packed with candles and flowers.

IMG_3315And its still being added on to. IMG_3316The statue is full of messages promoting peace, messages from all over the world.

IMG_3323After that emotional (but necessary it felt like) outing we wandered home along the canal, in the gorgeous evening sun.

Pretty magical, right?

More photos from Carolinas visit to come, I’ve been so grateful to have her here the past few days <3
Now I'm off to pick up kids, happy Friday darlings!

Carro! <3

Carro is in town!!!!! Here comes a few quick pics from this afternoon before we go back to 90’s nostalgia and beer 😀



These past few days  (I still can’t believe its been just less than a week before it all started??? Feels like forever.) have obviously been incredibly dark and strange. I find it hard to shut it out and think of other things, but I realize that life must go on and if anything I need to be grateful for my life, and the people around me. Here are a few links that give me a tad of hope for the world, we can’t let hate win guys. We just can’t.

First off an article about the Syrian refugees – Please read this before you start thinking that its a good idea not to let refugees in to your country – and do read the whole thing and look at the pictures at the end too. I know this particular article is mainly focused on the US, but it goes for all of us. All. Of. Us.
Read it HERE.

Most of you have probably seen this already, but I wanted to post it anyway. Along with the little boy talking to his dad and a journalist outside of Bataclan (about how we have flowers to fight the bad guys with weapons) this has moved me the most in the past few days. It gives me hope for the future.

This is the picture that the Eagles of Death Metal put up the other day, along with a text about what happened. Peace, love and metal. Read their whole statement here.

And last out, something that has absolutely nothing to do with any of this – but this had made me laugh out loud time after time the past couple of days. Something that was most definitely needed. Watch and smile.

Now I’m cooking for two close friends who are coming over to watch a movie in a couple of hours, can’t think of anything better than to surround myself with loved ones right now.


It’s a painfully dark time in Paris at the moment. The news are on in the background for any updates on what will happen next and the sounds of sirens still make my stomach ache.
My heart goes out to all those affected, I can’t even imagine what you are going through.

I’d love to write something inspiring and uplifting, but I can’t quite muster it up.

Lighting a candle in our window tonight again, and am keeping my loved ones near – if not physically but in my thoughts and in my heart.



On Saturday we took a little day trip out to Ikea, lets take a quick peek :)

Started with a visit to the next door Mcdonalds. As you do.

IMG_3179D. was the king of the world.

IMG_3181A little piece of home in the Parisian suburbs!

They’ve started doing costumes?! Best section !!

IMG_3183I bought a pig. Because, duh.

His name is Knorre (knorr: Swedish word for a pigs tail) and is the newest member of our little family of pigs. Until I can get a real pig that is. I <3 pigs. Moving on.

IMG_3186I also got plenty of Christmas-stuff, while Rosy checked out snail hats and bird-costumes. Hehe.

Then the crazy snail/bird-woman drove us back to the city and I was off for an evening of babysitting!

Now, Swedish TV & chicken w/aubergine. Yum yum yum.

Le List

If you know me at all, you probably know that one thing I love is to make lists. Shopping-lists, to do-lists, movies to watch-lists, lists of lists to do etc etc etc. So its only fitting I stole one from one of my favourite bloggers, Elsa Billgren, today. On y va!

1. How old are you?
Just turned 27, so we’ll see if I make it through the year. Dan dan daaa.

2. How old do you feel?
It varies, but over all I think I feel around my age. I sometimes think I feel younger, but then I see a person in their early twenties and I suddenly get yanked back to reality. A lot has changed since those days.

IMG_9094This photo doesn’t really have anything to do with any of the questions, but I just find it so cute so I wanted to post it anyway. Carro and Joshy looking cute at Wos. 

3. Where do you live? In the 10th arrondissement of Paris, right next door to the Canal st Martin and Parc de Buttes Chaumont. Love love love our little apartment which I’ve really made home, with the blue tiles in the bathroom and view over the picturesque Parisian rooftops.

4. What have you done today? Absolutely nothing. Last night was Halloween (my absolute favourite holiday) and I’m feeling slightly fragile today… spending the day in bed with leftover nachos and possibly Donnie Darko on the projector after I’ve posted this.

5. Summer, autumn, winter or spring – which do you prefer and why? As Duncan often points out I’m a sunbaby, so I’d have to say summer. Nothing beats a day at the beach, with an icy cocktail in hand, a good book, some music and the sound of the sea. Or a week melting in the heat under the boiling Hellfest sun. <3

At a beach on Coney Island, New York. N.Y is another place I wouldn’t mind terribly being in right now.

6. Are you addicted to something? Probably doesn’t count as an addiction but I get very sad if I don’t get eggs in any shape or form every morning… is music a cliché answer? (also this question made me think of THIS amazing song)

7. Name three things people may not know about you? My nose is constantly runny (a bit gross but now you know), I work for someone famous and I still sleep with my teddy bear that I got from mom’s best friend when I was a new born spotty baby (I was born with chicken pox, in the DDR – there, now you got four little fun facts).

Me and my teddy Isolde, jetting off to some exotic location.

8. Where in the world would you most like to be right now? Quite happy with my own bed today actually, but other than that I’d love to be with some of the people I miss most. So New Delhi, Brasilia, Sydney, Stockholm or Umeå would be amazing. Or maybe everyone can just take a hint and come hang out in Paris?!

9. What kind of mood are you in right now? As I said, feeling slightly fragile today. Bit melancholy. But nothing that won’t pass. I hope. 10. What’s your favourite candy? Well Sweden has the best candy in the world, so anything sour or salty from a supermarket in Sweden. Yum. Salt sill and pink bananas forever <3

11. What’s your favourite shop? Love the second hand shops around le Marais, other than that I buy most my stuff from street markets. Love Pop Market by the canal for bits and bobs.

12. Are you a morning or a night-person? Definitely night. Total insomniac and have actually passed out on metros in the morning rush.

13. Have you had stitches? I’ve been to the hospital my fair share of times, the only stitches I’ve had were in my finger a few years ago now. My temper got the best of me and I slammed our front door right on my left index finger, breaking it and losing the nail. Very bloody and gross, and incredibly painful. Worse than breaking my leg if you can believe it. Getting it infected didn’t help either. Ugh.

14. Who did something special for you last? Duncan does special things for me all the time, last was probably getting me herbal sleeping pills the other night (after I hadn’t slept properly for over a week) and holding me until I fell asleep. He’s a keeper that one.

D., me and the feathers cruising around Corsica a couple of summers ago.

15. Are you shy? Not around people I know and feel secure with, otherwise I’m quite anxious in social situations. Don’t know if that equals shy though, I have no problem calling idiots out on the street for example. Lots of idiots on the streets of Paris. Sigh.

16. What’s your middle name? Elisabet, which I chose myself when I was around 6 years old. Its my mom’s middle name and I wanted the same one. I’ve added her last name as well, so I have both my mom’s and my dad’s.

17. Would you like to get married? Someday yes, my favourite thing in the world is organizing parties and events so that feels like the event to set up. Would be a heck of a party I think.

18. Do you have a nickname? My little boys (who I look after) call me their bunny, which is so adorable. Dad calls me Emil (as in Emil i Lönneberga for you Sweeds reading) and Duncan calls me everything from petal, to chou-fleur to shebangie. Oh and mom calls me Evil. Hehe. Other than that I go by my alter ego, Nasse ( : Piglet). So yes, quite a few nicknames, haha! SDC19559
And now you might know a tad more about me than before :) cheers!