xmas chez Rosy

Today is one of those dark days. Slept way too long, since I slept practically nothing during the night. I have plenty of things I should do, people I should contact, errands I should run. Everything just feels overwhelming and too much to deal with. Listening to this song, which probably doesn’t help either.

Counting this day as a bit of a write off, tomorrow is another chance to feel better.
Until then, we’ll peek at a happier day: Christmas party at Rosy’s place the other night <3

IMG_3486Kat was there, in crown and all :)

IMG_3488Rosy looking for more friends, hehehe.

IMG_3489Not sure how bottles of prosecco there was? Felt like a never ending stream (not a complaint!)

IMG_3490“Shot glasses” HAHA.

IMG_3491This ridiculously expensive scented candle from Rosy’s bosses smelled amazing, and is so pretty too. My Ikea candles feel a bit underwhelming now :(

IMG_3493Rosy’s childhood friend Kate was visiting from England :)

IMG_3494This version of charades was actually great fun, and that’s HUGE coming from me – who normally freaks out over any kind of social game. Just look at Kat’s excited face 😀 

IMG_3500Duncan showed up after a couple of hours, with a full bag of beer to taste :) I liked this one!

IMG_3503Kate too!

IMG_3505Louis came, and looked slightly put off… hm. 

IMG_3510A crown came off, and hats went on instead. Important stuff.

IMG_3519The cool kids (insert emoji with sunnies on here)

IMG_3520IMG_3521IMG_3522IMG_3532Lorna who I haven’t seen for years (literally, years) came along!


A night full of prosecco, games and most important of all – friends :)

Swedish Christmas Bonanza

A few days ago I invited a little group of friends to enjoy a true Swedish Christmas feast (well, here’s hoping), here comes a whole bunch of pics! Prepare for lots of little santas…

IMG_3402Here I am, glögg on the stove at best Santa hat on the head (and clothes on the body, I promise!) – ready for pals to join!

IMG_3405Kat and Nico arrived first and were immediately put to work, hehe.. 

IMG_3407Not going to narrate the whole evening, as there are a lot of pictures! Anyway, here: Caitlin and Anya :)

IMG_3409IMG_3410Johan provided Danish Christmas beer! (the shop didn’t have Swedish)

IMG_3411IMG_3413IMG_3414Richard, who was off to the States the next day – to get married!!!! So crazy! 😀

IMG_3415IMG_3416Tadaaaa! A completely homemade Swedish Christmas-table! (proud!)

IMG_3417IMG_3419IMG_3420IMG_3421The silence when everyone sat down to eat felt like a good sign… (and yes, we make our guests sit on the floor :/ )

IMG_3423IMG_3425IMG_3428Nico gave his best Blue Steel of approval, haha. 

IMG_34222IMG_3430My chocolate balls recieved high praise. Hehehe.  (insert emoji with sunglasses here)

IMG_34322IMG_3433IMG_3434IMG_3435IMG_3438IMG_3439IMG_3440IMG_3441IMG_3442IMG_3446<3 IMG_3452IMG_3453IMG_3456IMG_3461:(

IMG_3466IMG_3467IMG_3469Joshie came! 😀

IMG_3472The night finished with a HUGE bowl of very strong eggnog, courtesy of Duncan. It went down a treat! 

THANK YOU everyone who came – it was a great night and a great warm up for Christmas :) 

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

…. chez nous!

Hosted a little pre-Christmas get together here last night, invited some dear friends over to try an authentic Swedish Christmas meal. Got lots of pics to go through, until then I leave you with some from the buildup!

IMG_3385Skully was ready to get on down!IMG_3386Went to Ikea recently and bought these beautiful ornaments, they are now strung up on the wall by fairy lights <3

IMG_3387Normally the lights live in a big Grey Goose-bottle that make up a lamp in a corner, around Christmas they get to come out on display :)IMG_3388Gives a very cozy ambiance in here! 

IMG_3389I even put together my very own gingerbread house! Was so happy with it, until it started collapsing :( I think it can be officially declared dead now, but for a day or two it was uber cute.. IMG_3395Tadaa! Cute huh?! 

IMG_3396The gay pride chimney with separate colors on each side 😀 

IMG_3451And last out – a little sneak peek from last night! Thank you everyone who came, photos to come very soon :) <3

Thanksgiving -15

Thanksgiving this year was spent chez Caitlin and Anya, can’t believe its been a whole year since last time!
(Here is the post from last year, when we had dinner, drinks & games at Alison and Richards place.)

IMG_3356I was a tad late due to chicken wings (grr), but turned up just in time to sit down for dinner! (Also known as expert timing)

IMG_3357I’d brought two bottles of wine, just to be on the safe side. Hehe.

IMG_3358A pile of food 😀

IMG_3361Caitlin and Alan.

IMG_3362Left to right: Morgan, Delphine and Anya again :)

IMG_3365I seated myself next to Richard.

IMG_3366And had Kat on my other side <3

IMG_3367Caitlin looking pissed off! Not sure what’s going on here? Haha.

IMG_3368Morgan less so :)

IMG_3373Then it was time for dessert!

IMG_3377They had the cutest little glass markers :)

IMG_3379Anya cut the apple pie.

IMG_3380à L’américaine :)

IMG_3381And Morgan cut the pumpkin pie! She’s really showing now, can’t wait to see the little bebe :)

IMG_3383Richard brought mince pies, courtesy of Mr. Marks and Mr. Spencers.

IMG_3384After we had all said our thank yous we said our goodbyes for the evening and went our separate ways, left Caitlin and Anya cuddling on the sofa <3

Halloween at Hotel Hell

I’m alive!!!! About a week ago I wasn’t though… lets jump back to a PILE of Halloween pics!

Started the day by getting on the RER to the bar with all my home made decorations…



IMG_2996After a few hours of panic due to unfortunate circumstances we had a little group of peeps over for the rugby final, nachos & make up time! IMG_2998
IMG_2999Andrés, who was our Airbnb guest was dragged in to the fun whether he liked it or not. Hehe. I think he had fun…

IMG_3000I dressed Kat in one of my old costumes, here it is in action a few years ago!

D. wore creepy contacts and was basically blind for the night. Hehe.


Then we headed back to Wos! Turned a few heads on the RER… found this cool girl in the line for the toilets, don’t know if she could see anything at all?!

IMG_3013Since the theme was Hotel Hell I made my very own dead french maid-costume! Very happy with it :)

Rosy wore my corpse bride-dress, also from a few years ago! I originally wore it for my graduation years and years ago, figured I wouldn’t wear it again any time soon so ripped it up and re-made it into a costume. This was its second time around as that, here’s a peek at the first!


And that’s all from this years Halloween! Can we do it again soon please??

Return of the cam

In 09/10 I used to snap a quick cam-pic before I headed out (not every time since I literally went out EVERY single night back then), and I’ve kinda forgotten about the computers built in cam since. Who missed these crappy pics????? 😀

I’m out!

This! hehehehe

The perfect Sunday

Today I am no longer the sprightly young 26 year old that I was yesterday, I am now the mature age of 27. Woke up with a cold & cough to match unfortunately… so instead of showing you my swollen, tired face of today we’ll look back a few days, to a beautiful afternoon and evening well spent with darling Rosy.

We were going to have a look at the street food-festival going on in le Marais. First stop: the bar, you know, to be better able to face the crowds etc.

We wandered along for a little bit but the queues were ridiculously long, so we gave up after a little while.

Outside the sun was shining so we took our pints and headed out there instead :)

Felt like a last little wind of summer, and needed to be taken advantage of properly.

So we bought more beers from a shop around the corner and found a sunny spot in a nearby park!

A band was playing, and life felt pretty damn good.

When the sun left the park we headed up to this trendy spot…

The rooftop bar on top of the BHV!









After the sun went down Duncan joined us and we all headed to Café Oz to visit darling Josh.

A truly great day, thank you Rosy! <3

Au revoir

A few years ago (4 or maybe even 5?) Emilia and I as usual threw a big combined birthday party here in what used to be our apartment. Her birthday is one day after mine, so naturally we invited everyone and kept the whole neighbourhood up in celebration. One of the people who randomly walked in from the street was a guy called Orlando, who was to become a good friend for years to come. Now, after ten years in our quartier, Orlando is heading back to England. On Friday we went to an apartment around the corner to see him off in style.

This place was absolutely amazing, the pictures don’t do it justice. An old leather factory remade in to an apartment. And kegs of beer for the occasion!


A band was set up downstairs and a karaoke-type night ensued.

There was a pool table for whoever felt compelled. (I did not, but hey, pretty cool to have a full sized pool table at home!)


A magnum bottle of Champagne was located, quite happy to be at the right place at the right time sometimes..

This Portuguese guy gave Duncan tips on what to see and where to go, I nodded along silently.

One of the guys in this picture happily declared to me that his girlfriend was at the party too, but he didn’t mind cheating if I didn’t? I quickly exited the scene.

Speech time :)


Downstairs there was a covered courtyard-bit where boules was played. Who in central Paris has an indoor area for pétanque??? So cool.

Upstairs there was an open courtyard too, where people gathered around bottles of wine and cigarettes.

There was Agent Provocateur-beer!


D. had prepared amazing planches with yummy cheese and cured meats. Needless to say I parked myself close to the buffet…

Just look at those windows! SO jealous.

Looking slightly tired, and possibly in chock of the amazing place that was located just two minutes from our place. I love our apartment, but I wouldn’t mind switching for something like this…






Orlando – I wish you all the best, and I hope you’ll remember us over by Louis Blanc and come visit sometime! <3

Jazz with Ellen at La Cave

A few weeks ago Kat took me to one of her old regular spots, to see a fellow Swede sing. The photos didn’t come out as good as I had hoped, they’re all a bit blurry somehow. Pretty sure the ISO was turned up too high for some reason – anyway, hopefully you get a bit of the feeling anyway!

The cave is a bar/restaurant in the 18th arrondissement, they do live music, yummy food and a general good vibe! And soon they’ll have a proper cave too :)

I’d never met nor heard Ellen sing before, and I’m so glad I got to! She’s fantastic! Excited to see her perform again soon.




Check out the Ellen Birath band-page on facebook here, and have a little listen below! Enjoy!!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image