Blog-thoughts & some sunshine

Most days I love my blog. I love photography, I love gettting to know Photoshop better, I love putting together posts that I can look back on later. I love the creative process and I wish I could do more of it. But then comes days, and moments, where it just feels meaningless – and does anyone even visit my little site? Then I click in to one of my favourite blogs and suddenly feel 100 percent inspired again.
Its a bit of a tiring process to be honest. Hence the quiet here sometimes.

Anyway, just needed to get that down in black and white and (hopefully), for now, out of my system.

Regardless if anyone is reading this I’m gonna pop up a few pics from our last day in Portugal and Cascais last year. A wonderful holiday that I’ll remember for a long time.

21199853363_ba47db58a6_oAround noon we packed up all our stuff and headed down to the nearest café, where we had breakfast/brunch.

21830466131_b45836c667_o21809090322_fd58c6bfc0_o21830414841_18c81e6be9_oSince we weren’t flying back to Paris until that evening we had plenty of time for some more beach-hang! Missing this SO MUCH today!!!

21632821840_ed63d72484_oAfter a few hours it was time to dry the salty water, wipe off the warm sand and leave the beach. We went to a nearby place for a late lunch before getting on the train to Lisboa. Sadly it was the WORST place we went to during the whole holiday, haha.

21794689766_b195306975_oThe setting was nice though, a terrace on a little “place” in the heart of town. And the beers were cold. Only plus points that place gets I’m afraid…

21198065674_8b7e675574_o2€90 for a pint. For a PINT. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Paris anymore…

21198109274_7b1c352093_oThen we waved by to this paradise before travelling back to a rainy Paris.

Thank you Cascais for a wonderful time <3

Lambrettazzurra Pizzeria in Cascais

Again, in the midst of creating our own little Winter Wonderland here at home, but stopping in to say hello to you guys :)
We only have a couple more days left of our lovely trip to Portugal to go through, so here’s another little throwback post – to a hungover day in the town of Cascais. Hehe.

IMG_2394As already stated, this was the day after our big night out in Cascais so we were feeling quite fragile. We decided that pizza was the only option for dinner, and wandered to a place not far from where we were staying. Little lizzies everywhere, love ’em.

IMG_2396Loved this graffiti, from 7AM to 7PM, other than that – go wild! Haha.

IMG_2397 We made it to a very cute little italian homely place, and sat down inside.

IMG_2399IMG_2400IMG_2402Felt brave, in spite of le hangover, and ordered Peronis…

IMG_2404At every place we went to they put out little cheeses, bread etc at the table when we arrived. What we didn’t know the first time was that if you don’t say no, you pay for it (good little tip while traveling in Portugal). It’s not expensive though, and most of the time, really tasty. Like this little plate of olives, parmesan and pecorino. YUM.

IMG_2410I was a tad tired, but happy non the less. The whole place smelled heavenly!

IMG_2414IMG_2416Lambrettazzurra – a must if you go to Cascais!

IMG_2421We ordered two different pizzas and shared both, they were both absolutely delicious.

IMG_2423 Getting a tad hungry just looking at this…

IMG_2426Not only was the food delicious but the couple who worked there (at least, we think they were a couple) were lovely too. There was a small matter of a language barrier, but we worked around it and the chef happily came out and went through every pizza on the menu so that we could make the right choice. So sweet and welcoming!

IMG_2431Afterwards we were stuffed, but couldn’t resist asking for a bit of the homemade cake to take back to bed… One word only: YUM.

Cascais by night

I’m just realizing what a HUGE amount of pictures that I haven’t posted yet, out of pure laziness (let’s be honest). Not going to edit all of them, as that feels incredibly overwhelming and will just lead to postponing it even more – but lets hop back to Portugal for one night!

We had wandered past a place called Crow Bar earlier on in the afternoon, it looked rocky and cool so we decided to check it out. The stools boded well.

D. drank cool beer while people smoked out the windows.

I felt right at home :)

Maybe I should put one of these up here at home for all our guests???? Hehe.

There were lots of shots, most of which I had never heard of.

We befriended the staff ( & owner) and got to try fun alcohols!


After Crow Bar we went to a nightclub called Stairway, things there become slightly fuzzy around the edges to be perfectly honest… I think I befriended some sort of Mafia dude??? Anyway, Cascais showed that it can ROCK! :)

The Beach

Taking a quick breather in my, these days, constant prep for Halloween to hope back to the beach in Cascais! I have not yet tired of autumn, but these photos do make me miss the warmth and sunshine…

IMG_2299IMG_2306I find this one hilarious, brave swimmer as I am. Hahaha.

IMG_2307IMG_2312Doing the robot? I hear all the cool kids are doing it nowadays.

IMG_2319Checking for sharks. And other un-savoury characters. IMG_2323Now that’s one happy pig out there. Haha.

IMG_2329Now this one has a completely different beach-style. As I tend to bob around near shore and soak up the sun, he sprints in and then I don’t see him for 20 minutes as he goes for a long discovery-swim. Managed to snap one pic before he vanished for the time being! IMG_2333After our day in Sintra and at the beach we headed back to the apartment, and our little Obrigato <3

IMG_2334A sneaky one… IMG_2337Back at the apartment we had citrusy drinks on the balcony, updated instagram and prepped for a big night out á la Cascais! But more about that another time :)

IMG_2344Cascais at dusk. Man, do I miss this view.

Now its time to catch up on The Walking Dead, to keep on in the spirit of All Hallows Eve. Boooooo!

Dinner in, a la Cascais

Spent this chilly Sunday in my very favourite Sunday way – at a street market! Picked up a bag of fun stuff for Halloween, SO excited to organize and decorate for this years party!!! Now roasting some veggies and cuddling up with my new HUGE tea cup, in front of Jimmy Fallon (who’s Tonight show episodes are all available for streaming I just realised!!!!!) – and looking back at a warmer night in Portugal….


The involuntary hike

We had heard that the Guincho beach would be great for surfing, and also an all round pretty beach (for peeps comme moi who don’t surf), so one day we took a quick peek at a map and decided to start walking. What we (well, I, I’ve later heard that D. suspected it to be a bit of a hike) didn’t realise was that it was a LOT further than it looked on the map. Add that I ripped open most of my big toe 45 minutes in, and the fact that we never found the damn beach (even after 4 hours ((4 HOURS)) of walking) and well… not our most successful mission maybe! But – it was a pretty gorgeous walk, have a peek:

IMG_2116IMG_2120Found a cool old stone house that had lots about the regions history, and cool canons 😀


Mysterious caves were discovered…

IMG_2130IMG_2136Guincho was our goal (note the dude walking with a practical pack and stick, not sandals and swim wear…), a beach that was definitely NOT 2.5K from this sign!!!! Unless it’s a tiny beach that is easily overlooked?!

IMG_2140 Note the plastered up toe, I bravely trodded on after slight blood bath and a few tears.

IMG_2145IMG_2148IMG_2155Got to this spot after 4 hours of walking, took a picture of photographing tourists and sat down to wait for the next bus back.

IMG_2158Not bad for an event hall!!

IMG_2160Finally made it back to Cascais and the beach, where we sat down for cold beers and a burger at John Davids, the place NOT to go to when in Portugal!!! I cannot stress this enough: John David himself was rude and the burger was possibly the worst I’ve had. Ever. Huge disappointment.

In spite of some setbacks on this particular day it really was beautiful!

Lisbon Zoo

As you might know by now, every new city visited includes a visit to the local zoo. Here comes the one in Lisbon 😀

We hopped on the train from Cascais, which conveniently takes around 30 minutes to the centre of Lisbon. Saw this and decided it was a good sign :)

D. found me a pretty flower and we were on our way!

It started out this well 😀

Not easy being in the shorter department…

This now pops up on my screen every time D. calls. Hehe. Makes me smile.

Did I mention we ate a LOT of empanadas?? Perfect afternoon snack.

Selfiestick… I HATE selfiesticks. Moving on.

An odd thing about this zoo was the advertising everywhere, for all kinds of things?! Here, an Iguana (hehe) advertising a local bank. So strange.

D. didn’t see this guy at first (we walked across a little bridge basically over his head) and jumped a meter in the air when he did. Hehehehehe.

Thought of The Jungle Book here :)

This one is a bit blurry, but I had to show how close up some of them came! We had a red umbrella that they were utterly fascinated with, at one point all that was separating our hands was a centimetre of glass. So cool.

Then we finally got to go on the cable cars!!!

IMG_2093Which was really quite scary… but face your fears and all that.

But great to see all the animals from above! Like this hippo family for example <3 <3 <3

IMG_2100And that was the end of our day at the Lisbon zoo! A great day :)

OH! Did you know that the little plus-sign just below here is a like-button?? Hint hint 😉

Vela Azul

I’ve spent my day tidying, sewing (put the scissors in grandma’s old trench coat from the 60’s, very scary but came out great!) and mosing around at home. Now I’m listening to The Velvet Underground (was inspired by the Warhol exhibit the other day) and drinking tea, a pretty lovely autumn afternoon if I may say so myself.

Now, for something completely different – a great dinner tip if you’re in Cascais at some point :)

This place was literally 30 seconds from our place, this pic is taken from our balcony!

21286603519_dc06728111_ono2 Our host told us that they do amazing sea food, so we of course had to try it. Started with fresh cheese on freshly baked bread. Yum.

The (fresh) fish was laid out in the dining room so that you could see exactly what you would be eating.

20850798354_cecd2a72a2_ono2 We ordered a bowl of fish, rice, prawns & clams – served in a delicious broth. Probably the best thing I put in my mouth over there, and we had a lot of yummy food!


21285453490_a8b175f144_ono2Friendly staff, cute interior and AMAZING food!

21750519591_652aa98676_o2Since our meal the first time around was so amazing we instantly decided that we had to come back. Here are a few pics from round two :)

D. started out by spilling a whole glass of very nice wine, oops! Luckily it’s so cheap over there, and the staff didn’t seem too fussed. Also very happy it was white wine and not red!

21120107993_84671fc721_o2Clams to start. Yum yum yum.

With little crackers to drown in the buttery sauce…

21553140850_d407c28c2c_o2Then two types of grouper, a fish I hadn’t even heard of before. Here, the fried version.

Accompanied by grilled version of the same, and more of the delicious rice dish on the side.

Absolutely amazing, the second time around as well. Would almost go as far as to say that I would go back to Cascais just to visit this restaurant again. Best seafood I’ve ever had!

Marilyn and a mess

I’m just realizing what an absolute mess this blog is. In early June I went to Sweden Rock, from which I’ve posted maybe half the photos? Then I moved on to Hellfest, from which I for some reason just posted all of the pics pretty much in order, AND rapidly at that. Duncan and I visited my family’s country house inbetween the two, something that I think I haven’t even mentioned? Haha! So yeah, needless to say, I have enough snaps for many posts to come. If I can find the time to sit down and get everything down in order they will be coming your way soon… (but I seem to have promised that before?!).

Since I’ve already started on the most recent trip, I guess I’ll keep going on that for the moment.. here comes an un-edited (pro as I am hahaha) batch of pics of – you guessed it – Cascais!

After Boca do inferno, we decided to wander back towards the town centre in search of lunch. Found lots of pretty amazing houses on the way.


For you Swedish readers (ar ni dar??), this made me think of Jonssonligan pa Mallorca for some reason :)


Stopped for a photosession in front of impressively yellow castle. As you do.

Then we stumbled upon a park, with chickens! Had to be investigated, bien sur. 

When we’d said hello to pretty much all the chickens, geese and swans we could find, we finally hit the town center and located lunch. This is how happy I was (very).

Last, but not least, on our busy day schedule we were off to see this!! 

Taking a photo of a photo of a photographer; (wait for it) taking a photo. Inception…………

LOVED the private letters, a lost language really.

Another great read, this time adressed to Harry Belafonte. So cool.

A great expo that I thouroughly enjoyed, although my back was aching like a 80 year olds from all the walking. Phew.

Anyway, the next part is our dinner, and that will simply have to wait. Might go pass out on the sofa until the parents get home now… (I’m babysitting, if that wasn’t clear? haha.)

Bella in Paris!

So first I got to go on an amazing holiday for ten days, then I was welcomed back by my oldest friend Elvira, and now I’ve got another lovely friend – Isabella – here! How lucky am I??

Bella got in last night and after a good catch up over dinner we had a good nights sleep, so that we could have a productive day today! Started this sunny day with a wander through the Marais.

Bella looked at pretty clothes while I checked out Bambi and co. Hehe.

We dreamt about being rich and all the lovely things we would buy…

Start looking for these half bikes in Paris and you’ll find them everywhere!

Hung out at the Kilo Shop with my childhood heroes <3

Then started a streak of movie-shops, Bella was in heaven!

Count the bags, hehe 😉

How pretty is she????

Didn’t take pictures in all the cinema-shops, but this gives a pretty good general idea of the theme :)

Finished off the afternoon with a well deserved starbucks, me in my fab new bracelet that Bella brought me back from her latest trip to L.A <3

Now I’ve just tucked the kids into bed at work, then the plan is home to finish off last nights bolognese and start watching scream queens!! Talk about having a good day!!