xmas 2015

The other day I took down the Christmas decorations here at home, which made me remember that I haven’t posted the pictures from Christmas eve yet! So here we go, last little taste of Christmas 2015:

IMG_3795After our eventful breakfast, which you’ve already seen, it didn’t take long until we started setting up for lunch! Duncan took a break to write some rhymes for gifts :)

IMG_3797Then it was time to crack in to Champagne cocktails!

IMG_3798For lunch we always have a very traditional spread. Mmmmm.

IMG_3799Mmmmm again :)

IMG_3800Mandel-masse-nasse! Try saying that quickly!

IMG_3802I’d love a plate of this right now….

IMG_3806Dad and I sat by the window, and I tried to figure out if he was wearing fake glasses or not??

IMG_3810He wasn’t.

IMG_3816Then it was time for Donald Duck and his friends on TV, and a nap for some. Hehe.

IMG_3821At 5 o’clock it’s time to be traditional again and head off to church! Not exactly my scene, but it’s really lovely to hear mum sing <3

IMG_3830All the cool kids were there!

IMG_3831Fanny, Duncan and mumma bear <3

IMG_3834And a pair of siblings!

IMG_3835Even Donald Trump was there 😮 haha..


IMG_3848After all that cool hangout we headed out in the cold and back home!

IMG_3882Where Santa and his reindeer appeared! Hehehe.

IMG_3883The reindeer might have been the cutest ever hahahaha…

IMG_3892And a very happy Father Christmas! (Sporting fake glasses! Hehehe)

IMG_3903Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Ho ho ho.

IMG_3921Then more food was taken in along with more cocktails, a lovely little Christmas Eve if I may say so myself!

Absolutely wrecked after the first real day of work after the holidays (couldn’t think of a title for this post…). Nine hours straight with two hyper active kids, after pretty much no sleep. My brain is now mush, so will just post a few random pics from Stockholm over Christmas (again, sorry for the lack of new fun stuff). Tadaaaaa:

IMG_0165IMG_0173IMG_3645IMG_0293First view of Paris from the plane <3

A winter walk

The other day, still in 2015 and in Stockholm, Duncan and I took a walk with mama’s dogs. Still getting to know my new camera, it of course came with us on this little outing :)

IMG_0182IMG_0187IMG_0193IMG_0209A beautiful walk by a wintery Brunnsviken. Love the light!

Carry me back to Paris

Today we’re heading back to gay Paris, it’s been a lovely few days in Stockholm. It’s supposed to snow here this afternoon, something I was really hoping for – so maybe we’ll even get to see a few flakes before take off!

Sharing a few pics from the other night for now:

IMG_3769After dinner the other night (Wednesday I believe this was) French lollipops were served.

IMG_3771And the Dobble came out!

IMG_3770Jacob and Fanny were introduced to this highly competitive game. Hehe.

IMG_3773A very cozy night entre famille et amis.

Now, finishing off our packing and heading to the airport – see you in Paris!


As I’ve already mentioned, the other day we went to Skansen! Enjoyed this immensly and thought I’d share some pics:

IMG_3687It was a chilly but beautifully sunny day. Hopped off the bus and were greeted with this very typical Swedish sight.

IMG_3689Found these fun things to pose by. Hehe.

IMG_3690A little cutie!


IMG_3693Skansen isn’t just a zoo for Nordic animals, but the worlds first open air museum. Its full of old houses, windmills etc. Feels like stepping right back in time.

IMG_3695IMG_3701Sheep!! You’re allowed to pet them, but not feed them.

IMG_3705Reindeer!! How cute?? Although a bit blurry :(

IMG_3711Fantastic Mr Fox :) (great movie by Wes Anderson if you haven’t seen it!)

IMG_3720Loved the owls

IMG_3723D. liked the bear :)

IMG_3728The sun sets very early this time of year, felt lucky we got to see it at all.

IMG_3731We got to watch this guy feed the seals :)


IMG_3742Happy pig!!!! <3

IMG_3749The tongue!! Soon I can do a whole post with just animals sticking their little tounges out <3

IMG_3754After the piggies we started heading out, passing through this scenic bit.

IMG_3761Posed by a windmill. As you do.

IMG_3766Then we hopped on a tram back in to the modern world!

IMG_3768And I went for coffee with Bella, who was super happy with her Christmas present, yay!

A wonderful day in Stockholm town :)

Canon EOS 100D <3 <3 <3

I realize that it was quite optimistic saying that there would be more to come throughout the day yesterday, oops! All xmas eve pics to come, but before that this happy news: I got a new camera!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!! So now I have my Canon Powershot to take with me to gigs, parties etc. and my new baby: the Canon EOS 100D for everything else 😀 SO EXCITED!

We spent a few hours at Grandma’s today, the camera of course got to come! So for now I’ll leave you with some of the first pics taken with my new baby… keep in mind this is early days and the photos will (hopefully!) only get better.


Christmas morning

Christmas Eve is the big day here in Sweden, so the celebrations started as soon as we woke up this morning!

IMG_3775Jacob had decided that we were doing the classic almond in the porridge-game ( / competition). Here he is, heating up the special rice porridge. I might add that he prepped by dancing around to the Rocky soundtrack.

IMG_3777We sat down at the table and Egon hoped that some food would drop down, he gave his very best puppy eyes <3

IMG_3780So what happens is that somewhere in the pot of rice porridge (risgrynsgröt in Swedish) there is an almond, obviously no one knows which bowl it’s in. The one who gets it wins. Simple! And yummy.

IMG_3783Jacob won :( highly suspicious…. here he is, giving his acceptance speach. (Yes, we go all in in our family.)

IMG_3786Fanny wishing it would stop. Haha.

IMG_3794Then mama got to open the first present of the day (a miniature book, cute!) and that brings us to now!

More to come throughout the day :)
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Hoo hooo

Spent the day at Skansen, which is the local zoo – with Scandinavian animals! The worlds first open air museum too apparently, who knew?! Haven’t been there since I was a kid, very happy that we decided on this outing today.
I’m about to pop down to the shop as D. and I are in charge of dinner tonight, but here’s a little sneak peek, with promise of more to come ASAP :)

IMG_3718Me pointing underneath some owls, haha. They were in a fenced area that you could walk in to, so you could be right next to them! Very cool, and a bit scary at the same time.

More to come soon!

Oh Christmas tree

After a bit of shopping and a fika with bestie Sophia ( <3 <3 <3 ) D. and I headed home for dinner with the family. Wine & pizza was followed by Christmas tree decorating! Things tend to get a bit silly chez nous, have a look….

IMG_3658The Passion of the Christ, Christmas Edition. Hehe.

IMG_3659Roland not quite sure of what is going on.. but a bit curious still.

IMG_3679IMG_3682Tadaa!! Christmas music on and tree up – we’re ready for Santa now 😀 


The alarm went off early this morning, because we had a flight to catch, to Stockholm!! Here’s what the flight looked like from my seat :)

IMG_3599IMG_3608There was an article about our arrondissement in the SAS magazine! <3

Now we’re off on new adventures!