Slash, Myles & co in Stockholm

Staying on gig-pics for another while, since I have around a million from these past few weeks… jumping back to the end of May now, and the reason to why I changed my ticket to fly back to Stockholm just a liiiiiiittle bit sooner than expected….

Slash, Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators were playing at the local amusement park – something I obviously couldn’t miss by one puny little day. So since you only pay the entrance fee for gigs there I got there around 6 hours ahead of time and plopped down by the stage to guard my front row spot. Hehe. AMAZING surprise when the band did soundcheck themselves about halfway through my long wait ๐Ÿ˜€

Bit blown out on the white balance unfortunately, but I still love this pic and felt it had to be shared. Todd <3

Slash in comfy pants and beanie ๐Ÿ˜€

After soundcheck I later found out they went next door to the Abba museum, while I continued guarding my spots from clueless hanging out-teens. Felt like a grumpy old lady. Eventually Sophia joined me and it kicked off!!ย 

They opened with Avalon, which was surprising as it’s not a single, and due to the venue a lot of the crowd were teens who happened to have heard some of the classic guns n roses stuff, but none of their new stuff. I happily bopped along though, of course. Pictured: Frank Sidoris :)

Myles Kennedy!!!! Best voice of our time!

Todd Kerns rocked out, as usual!

Since I took over a hundred photos I’ll stop narrating for a while now and let you enjoy them in peace. And don’t worry, I haven’t posted nearly all of them!!ย 

There’s a lot of hair in this group ๐Ÿ˜€

Guess how much I love this one???

Todd’s head on fire ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Then the confetti was shot out over the crowd, Paradise City was played and it was over for this time…ย 

Lucky for me I was gonna see them not once, but twice more this summer. Hehe.ย 

An amazing gig as always, I’m counting seven times that I’ve seen them as a group now (then individually/in other constellations another few times) and I hope to see them another seven times – at least. They change up the setlist every time and give it absolutely 100% every single time. Amazing, amazing guys.ย 

So we waved goodbye to Gronalund for this time and strolled homewards in the summer evening. A pretty perfect evening if you ask me.ย 


Taking a quick de-tour from all the festival-ing to post another few pics from Stockholm (where we hung out for a bit between festivals hehe), here goes!

First up on the agenda was lunch at classic Stockholm brunch-place, Sirap. We had humongous club sandwiches ๐Ÿ˜€

Skipping on to the evening, when it was pizza & cocktail night!

Then managed to get little brother with us to Anchor ๐Ÿ˜€ The happiness!! Here we are looking uber cute <3

Jacob went to L.A recently and came back with some ink! Needless to say I approve.

At Anchor they do live gigs, this dude was stoked!

This one less so, hehe. Note to self: always befriend the DJ.

Hopping on to the next day when it was time for Champagne!

And the best sushi I know, yum yum yum…

And that was all from Stockholm for this time, I have around a thousand pics from the country house too, but that’ll have to wait til another day. Happy Friday darlings!

Abba in Stockholm

Today we decided to play tourists and visit the Abba museum here in Stockholm! This is how it looked:

Mom and I started by hanging out with Bjรถrn and Benny :)

Love this one, haha.

t was a really great museum I thought, you got to see all their careers from start, all the way until the end of Abba.

The fifth member :)

Yes, lots of fun cheesy pics were taken. Brace yourselves. Hehe.

Abba – like a tattoo on your soul <3

Mom found her new calling in life at the mixing table-challenge :)

We naturally hung out in the recording studio!

Three happy singers!

Found an AC/DC poster?!

Mama and I apparently get in to helicopters EXACTLY the same way, haha!

I call this one “the highjacker”. Muohaha.


The wax dolls were very realistic – they look so tiny!

We were there for just over two hours, it flew past! I would happily recommend this to anyone passing through, or living in Stockholm. I loved it <3

Then we got the ferry home!

Sunday surprise

One week ago I was in Stockholm, this is how my Sunday looked then!

Started the day with a perfectly cooked egg. No better way to start the day than with eggs <3

Then mumma bear and I cut each others hair. Roland wanted a trim too :)

Then we were off to surprise granny! Here, a handsome grandpa <3

And two little graduates :)

Dad had bought a whole bunch of pastries!

Jacob deeply involved in ร…ret Runt (a magazine directed to grannies).

And – enfin – me and granny chilling out!

After this partey I was off to the airport and back “home”! Now: off to Rosy’s for movie day! :)

Saturday in Sthlm pt II

I’m all packed up and ready to head back to Gay Paris – although short it’s been a really great visit in le hometown. Here comes the rest of my lovely Saturday!

After my book-date with Bella, this little princess turned up on our doorstep <3

Mum showed her the ropes – here: fun stool with wheels on!

Racer-Inez (swoooosh!) and pretty mama Linda <3

They brought cookies and cake :)

Tussen decided that Inez was his new best friend, here they are moving in for a kiss <3

This picture <3 <3 <3

Cheeky little cutie!!!

A couple of hours later it was time for dinner out on the town! Mum was excited.

The cat and I shared a Kingfisher.

My cute little brother!

Aaaaaw <3

Started with delicious onion bahdjis and deepfried paneer cheese. Mmmmmmm. This was at Bollywood – a cozy Indian place on Roslagsgatan.

Then I met up with this bella donna :)

At Anchor ๐Ÿ˜€

A band called Tributallica played – pretty damn good!!

A great night with my good old bestie <3 <3 (lots of little hearts in this post, but it was a very heart-ie kind of day)

Now I’m stuffing in the last of my bits and bobs in moms old bag from the 70’s (pics to come, so cool!) and heading off to Arlanda! See you in Paris :)

Home at it’s best <3

My second day in Stockholm started out in the very best way possible, here’s how it looked!

This is the first thing I see when I wake up here: My guardian cow (Mamma Mu in Swedish).

And this one who hopped in with a cask of red wine. Hehe.

Yeah right mom. (very honest pic – you’re welcome)

Then it was time for a leisurely weekend breakfast, this young handsome guy joined me at the table.

Perfectly cooked egg and cardamom-coffee from grandma’s old gorgeous cups.

Then it was time for some shopping and wandering around the city, giggled at this strange sign. It means: Your dogs may not pee here???

Sophia came out to say hello and walk me to the next date of the day <3

Which was coffee (well, fika, but that doesn’t translate) at a bookstore. Quiet and cozy was my plan, I was quickly proved wrong. Apparently there was a book signing with some real estate celebrity-dude going on? Oops. We managed to squeeze ourselves in and whisper out our updates to each other :)

And they had double-sales on so I went a bit nuts :) Slightly heavy to carry home (the AC/DC one and the Maiden book are very large), but so worth it. Around 15โ‚ฌ for all of these…! Insane!

And since Bella is the most generous and thoughtful person I know she brought gifts for me <3 <3 <3

Oh and before all this I squeeeeezed in some second hand shopping too, oops! Found the most amazing record store ever, lots of time needs to be spent there next time around.

Now mumma and I are waiting for Linda and little princess Inez to come over for coffee and waffles. The sun is shining and life is good!


Around two weeks ago one of my “bosses” (feels so weird calling them that) asked if I was up for coming with them to Stockholm for a weekend? One day of looking after kiddos, and two days with friends and family – who would say no to that?? So without saying a word to poor mum I flew in last night and surprised her ๐Ÿ˜€ LOVE surprises!!!!!!!!

Here she is, my mumma bear – after the initial chock had subsided :)

The evening was spent chit-chatting over tea.

Today was nine hours with three wild little boys between the ages of 7 and 9. Pretty beat now, but such a great day!! It finished with Shaun the Sheep – LOVED it! 1h5 of no dialogue at all but hilariously funny and so clever and well made. A must see :)

I wore my bran-spankin’ new bunny-sneakers! Another gift from “the boss” – I’m positively spoiled! Feel like hopping around town these days.

Now – relaxing and stretching my paws with a glass of red in hand (you can take the girl out of Paris, and all that..), waiting for mumma bear to come home. I’m thinking pizza or something equally Friday-ie.

Puss from Stockholm my loves!

Christmas day’s Eve

On Christmas day in Sweden we all go out and get WASTED. Hehe. It is also Carl’s birthday – so we had double reasons to go out!

We started out at a pub near where Sophia and I went to school, major nostalgia there! Oh and the guy on the right is Aron – a guy I knew in Paris about… maybe 6-7 years ago?? He is a good friend of Carl’s (on the left) who is Sophia’s boyfriend. Such a small world.

Sophia had her sparkle on and was ready to get on down :)

I had my sparkle on too, of course! And new Armani lipstick from Duncan <3

Then we headed out to a place called Under Bron ( :under the bridge), it’s a industrial feel type-place under an actual bridge. Very hipster but very cool too, and absolutely forbidden to take pictures. Rebel, rebel. Hehe.

Great night! Carl – I hope that you had a happy birthday! ๐Ÿ˜€

NYE 14/15

2014 has come and gone – I’d like to think I’m ready for everything 2015 has to hit me with! I’m hoping for lots of travel, more photography, more great gigs and more time with my beloved ones. Speaking of that I couldn’t have asked for a better finish to last year, I had a FAB night! Here goes:

I was invited for New Years supper at Sophia and Carl’s place :)

Sophia showed off her cool stuff, this ring is made from a fork!

We started out with home made Glรถgg (mulled wine with lots of goodies in it)

I had made a party-playlist! Lots of old goodies, nostalgia night felt like the way to go.

I wore my shiniest pants ๐Ÿ˜€

We’d bought hats and glitter, wiiiie!

We gathered around the table for our first course of the evening.

I was EXCITED. Hehe.ย  I heart food.

Sophia had made Borstj! A first for me, very yummy. Will definitely try and make at home too!

Two party poppers!

The unicorn <3

We’d put shiny string everywhere, hehe. Serpentines? That’s what we call them in Swedish at least, hm.

Sophia was excited ๐Ÿ˜€

After the first course we popped the bubbly! Yay!!

Then the party was on and dancing to 90’s hits could commence!

Quick break for food prep – I put my minions to work, muohaha. (KIDDING)

We had filets of chicken rolled in bacon, covered in creamy sauce, with raspberry salsa and potato wedges. Heaven on a plate pretty much. I literally licked the pan afterwards. Truth of the day.

Carl got his fancy tie on :)

Quick step out for “fresh air”. Glass in hand, bien-sur.

Then MORE GLITTER. Just because you can never have too much sparkle in your life. Second truth of the day.

This is me telling Carl about when Todd Kerns gave me (ME) his bass pick (insert emoji with hearts for eyes here).


The wine box got to stand in for Duncan, we gave him fancy dreads and a hat too <3 (and a bit of baguette on top? Eh)

Sophia’s nail polish with the perfect name!

Then chocolate cake with raspberries. Amazingness.

<3 <3 <3

Then it neared midnight and we headed up to Observatorielunden, a park around the corner. Very tricky to get good shots here, not number one priority either I must admit. But spectacular view!

LOTS of fireworks, I love it!!!! The walk downhill was terrifying, the ground is covered in ice and a nice layer of champagne/beer/who knows what else.. VERY scary.

But we made it down in one piece, and celebrated with a go (or two) on a swing-thingie for kids. GREAT fun! Swooooosh!

Then we headed in to favourite bar Anchor, where a gig was in full swing!

A fun cover band, perfect for NYE.

My party peeps <3

Safe to say we were the only people covered in glitter and wearing gold hats, haha. But everyone were really sweet, don’t know how many comments on how cute I looked (from guys and girls) I got. Nice rockers <3

Fans! :)

Sophia keeps Carl on a tight leash… hehe.

No New Years Eve (or just eve in general?) is complete without massive shots of sambuca. Muohaha.

The glittery strings (seriously, are they called serpentines in English too??)

We befriended an Indian guy who was extremely excited to be amongst like minded people. I told him about Global Metal and we discussed Iron Maiden, amongst other important things.

The night ended in sledding down a hill ๐Ÿ˜€

SO MUCH FUN and I feel so lucky to spend it with these wonderful people <3 <3 <3 Now let’s go do 2015!!!!!

You make me really happy

Here follows a few pics from the past few days, of people who make me really, really happy.
PS – the title is a quote, can you guess who (and what series)??

This is little Tussen, pretending that he doesn’t care at aaaall that I’m eating something. He might not be a human person, but he still makes me very happy…

The other night Sophia and I met halfway between hers and mom’s to grab a drink and chat. She paid me for her drinks in exact change, “nice to get rid of”. Haha.

A typical, what we call “sunkhak”. Cheap & dirty. Just as we like it!

Yesterday I visited Bella at her work, the incredibly cool shop subDVD. She gave me EVEN MORE presents :O I think a proper present-post is in order, I’ve gotten such lovely things!

As I said, really cool place with lots of quirky old (and new!) movies – hot tip if you’reย  in Stockholm!

After Bella-visit I met dad for Starbucks (they’ve finally opened in Stockholm!), then I had an important appointment… trotted past a snow-covered cemetery. Cool.

Mom had given me a time to get my nails done! Crappy iPhone picture, but they are SO pretty and sparkly! Happy (fancy) pig.

Then mom and I went to the gym, followed by pizza (from best Sicilian restaurant in town) with Linda <3 <3 <3

11 years and still going strong!

Now mom and I are off on a dog walk in the snow, then meeting Sophia for New Years-prep. Busy bee!