A rockin’ summers day

Very happy to announce that I got most of my Christmas shopping done today!! The rest can be bought tomorrow, before an early flight to the homeland on Tuesday. Phew!
No I’m at home relaxing with my latest binge watch-show on youtube, An idiot abroad – hot tip if you’re looking for fun English humour! Anyway, pausing Karl Pilkington for a minute to share some summery pics from this years Sweden Rock – I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_9725Sophia sadly had to take off early this year ( :( ), Carro and I tried to keep our spirits up with beer & bbq. Me: “Carro, hold the sticks and look like you’re barbecuing!”. I’m a very pleasant friend sometimes. Ha.

IMG_9727Doesn’t look like much, but you have no idea how I miss this whole scenario right now.

IMG_9731IMG_9732After a quick lunch we were off to see this guy!
Ace Frehley – known mostly from KISS !

IMG_9761A happy, fun gig – perfect for a summer afternoon in the sun!

I’ve said it before, but the security dudes at SRF really are the best! These ones came up to our tent to discuss music, and just hang out a bit.

Once Christmas & New Years is over, can we just skip straight to June please???

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Birthday cats <3

Feeling slightly fragile today, after a fun night out yesterday… staying in bed with Jimmy Fallon on stream and cacio e pepe (simplest and yummiest pasta dish ever) today. So no fun pics from today I’m afraid, but lets have a peek at what I did for my birthday this year :) (only three months later, oops)

IMG_2611-RecoveredI woke up feverish and really didn’t want to do anything at all. Duncan, knowing me well (I get quite down if I do nothing at all a whole day), said we would go anywhere I wanted as long as we got out of the house for a bit. The loveliest thing I could think of in my feverish haze was to go cuddle with lots of cats <3

IMG_2615So we took a trip to the cat café!

IMG_2637You’re not allowed to feed the cats, which sometimes is very hard. This grey one in particular was persistent! So hard to resist…

IMG_2643Maybe she’s hiding treats in her bag??

IMG_2675IMG_2680After we patted the kitties goodbye we went to a cool record shop in le Marais, where Duncan managed to find Toys in the attic (Aerosmith’s best album, I’d been looking for it for AGES) and bought it for me as a birthday surprise!! <3 <3 <3

IMG_2684After an afternoon rest I decided I was well enough to meet up with Rosy for Vietnamese dinner!

IMG_2688Drank lots of tea and shared a few plates of goodies with Duncan.

IMG_2689Rosy had soup, and I was grateful for lovely people around me despite my sad state <3

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The Gang

Just got back from lunch with the gang (yeah I have a gang, duh), wished Rosy a Holly Jolly Christmas as she pops off to England this evening. About to head to pick up a couple of kiddies at school but thought I’d drop in with a quick hello.
Hello! 😀

IMG_3572IMG_3573My eyes and Rosy’s have disappeared.. sign of a good time I think, hehe.

And me being a dork right this minute!

Now off to work, Happy Friday guys!!!

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Life through an iPhone

Bit quiet on le blog the past few days, as I’ve had a bit of a end of season work-spurt, and have been pretty much exhausted outside of that… Right now I’ve just managed to get two little boys in to their beds and am once again, absolutely exhausted. One more afternoon & evening of work (don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to bits!) then full focus on Christmas presents (cannot panic enough about this, wuaaa) and packing for Stockholm on Tuesday!!

For now, a few random pics from le iPhone. An honest look at life right now!

UntitledRecently made sock puppets with two little ones, made a ninja and this little mouse (who has a tail and all!). Big hit all round.

UntitledTried on dream shoes and almost shed a tear due to never being able to afford that kind of luxury… Rosy was more chipper: One day Elin, one day.

UntitledRe-discovered this old goodie, still makes me laugh. No really, makes me properly laugh out loud.

UntitledHad pizza with Carro at East Mamma, honestly the best pizza I’ve ever had. Went half half since we couldn’t decide on one. Kind of want to let everything go and RUN back there now….

UntitledNo idea when this was but thought I’d end this post with a cheesy smile, so tadaa!

Now, double-checking that little boys are in fact sleeping and not up to mischief, then Swedish Christmas TV and tea is on the menu :)

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xmas chez Rosy

Today is one of those dark days. Slept way too long, since I slept practically nothing during the night. I have plenty of things I should do, people I should contact, errands I should run. Everything just feels overwhelming and too much to deal with. Listening to this song, which probably doesn’t help either.

Counting this day as a bit of a write off, tomorrow is another chance to feel better.
Until then, we’ll peek at a happier day: Christmas party at Rosy’s place the other night <3

IMG_3486Kat was there, in crown and all :)

IMG_3488Rosy looking for more friends, hehehe.

IMG_3489Not sure how bottles of prosecco there was? Felt like a never ending stream (not a complaint!)

IMG_3490“Shot glasses” HAHA.

IMG_3491This ridiculously expensive scented candle from Rosy’s bosses smelled amazing, and is so pretty too. My Ikea candles feel a bit underwhelming now :(

IMG_3493Rosy’s childhood friend Kate was visiting from England :)

IMG_3494This version of charades was actually great fun, and that’s HUGE coming from me – who normally freaks out over any kind of social game. Just look at Kat’s excited face 😀 

IMG_3500Duncan showed up after a couple of hours, with a full bag of beer to taste :) I liked this one!

IMG_3503Kate too!

IMG_3505Louis came, and looked slightly put off… hm. 

IMG_3510A crown came off, and hats went on instead. Important stuff.

IMG_3519The cool kids (insert emoji with sunnies on here)

IMG_3520IMG_3521IMG_3522IMG_3532Lorna who I haven’t seen for years (literally, years) came along!


A night full of prosecco, games and most important of all – friends :)

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Everyday kind of things

Popping in with a few quick pics of a lazy day this week…

IMG_3473Woke up late (nothing new there) and decided to go for brunch at Ten Belles, a pretty great way to start the day!

IMG_34771182lrffdpigenhahaIMG_3478UntitledWandered back home along the canal :)

UntitledPopped in to one or two shops along the way…

IMG_3481Then I spent the aftenoon cooking up a storm, loosely based on this recipe. Added lots of chili & coriander, an amazingly yummy meal, perfect for a cold day.

Now catching up on my Christmas TV with tea & Swedish cheese :)

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Year in music

Its that time of the year again! When Spotify summarizes what you’ve listened to over the past year – I love it! I can’t say I was shocked by my results, but quite amused… have a look:

firstofyearThe first track I listened to this year was this party track, haha! I was thinking it was probably at the New Years party at Sophia’s place, but then I realized that we had left her apartment by midnight and were out and about.. so apparently this felt like a good way to start the new year, and get over the hangover on January 1st. Ha.

1My most listened to band/artist was Five Finger Death Punch, which I’m not at all surprised by. I’ve really only discovered them this past year and have been going through the albums over, and over, and over again… the rest of my top five were: The Rolling Stones (have had Sticky Fingers & Exile on Main Street on repeat quite a few times), Aerosmith, Slash (like every other year then) and Airbourne :)

6Top album, surprise! NOT. Haha. The surprise was in number two, Lily Allen’s Alright Still. It’s on one of my frequently played Spotifylists so I guess it comes up a bit. The rest is as expected: Airbourne, Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers, what did I say!) and Slash’s latest <3

toplataretttillfemffdphahaNow this one I do find quite funny: ALL of my top five listened to tracks the past year were by FFDP. ALL of them. Haha! 

genreTop Genres, hehe. Dance Pop sneaked in to 5th position due to lots of 90’s nostalgia dance-nights I’m sure :)

3509I listened to 3509 different tracks… 

1182lrffdpigenhahaBy 1182 different artists! 

31tusen21 days straight of music – I actually thought it would be more! I guess I listen to a lot of podcasts too, and at home its mostly vinyl these days. 

Anyway, if you use Spotify you too can check out your year in music, right here! 

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Swedish Christmas Bonanza

A few days ago I invited a little group of friends to enjoy a true Swedish Christmas feast (well, here’s hoping), here comes a whole bunch of pics! Prepare for lots of little santas…

IMG_3402Here I am, glögg on the stove at best Santa hat on the head (and clothes on the body, I promise!) – ready for pals to join!

IMG_3405Kat and Nico arrived first and were immediately put to work, hehe.. 

IMG_3407Not going to narrate the whole evening, as there are a lot of pictures! Anyway, here: Caitlin and Anya :)

IMG_3409IMG_3410Johan provided Danish Christmas beer! (the shop didn’t have Swedish)

IMG_3411IMG_3413IMG_3414Richard, who was off to the States the next day – to get married!!!! So crazy! 😀

IMG_3415IMG_3416Tadaaaa! A completely homemade Swedish Christmas-table! (proud!)

IMG_3417IMG_3419IMG_3420IMG_3421The silence when everyone sat down to eat felt like a good sign… (and yes, we make our guests sit on the floor :/ )

IMG_3423IMG_3425IMG_3428Nico gave his best Blue Steel of approval, haha. 

IMG_34222IMG_3430My chocolate balls recieved high praise. Hehehe.  (insert emoji with sunglasses here)

IMG_34322IMG_3433IMG_3434IMG_3435IMG_3438IMG_3439IMG_3440IMG_3441IMG_3442IMG_3446<3 IMG_3452IMG_3453IMG_3456IMG_3461:(

IMG_3466IMG_3467IMG_3469Joshie came! 😀

IMG_3472The night finished with a HUGE bowl of very strong eggnog, courtesy of Duncan. It went down a treat! 

THANK YOU everyone who came – it was a great night and a great warm up for Christmas :) 

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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

…. chez nous!

Hosted a little pre-Christmas get together here last night, invited some dear friends over to try an authentic Swedish Christmas meal. Got lots of pics to go through, until then I leave you with some from the buildup!

IMG_3385Skully was ready to get on down!IMG_3386Went to Ikea recently and bought these beautiful ornaments, they are now strung up on the wall by fairy lights <3

IMG_3387Normally the lights live in a big Grey Goose-bottle that make up a lamp in a corner, around Christmas they get to come out on display :)IMG_3388Gives a very cozy ambiance in here! 

IMG_3389I even put together my very own gingerbread house! Was so happy with it, until it started collapsing :( I think it can be officially declared dead now, but for a day or two it was uber cute.. IMG_3395Tadaa! Cute huh?! 

IMG_3396The gay pride chimney with separate colors on each side 😀 

IMG_3451And last out – a little sneak peek from last night! Thank you everyone who came, photos to come very soon :) <3

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Moules in the sun

A few weeks ago I had a Sunday date with two of my favourite Parisians, Rosy & Richard. It’s an equally sunny day today, I’m prepping all the Christmas party-things I can before I pop out to pick up kids!
Anyway, a quick few pics from another sunny day :)

IMG_3190We went to l’Académie de la Bière, the best place in Paris for mussels! Here, Rosy looking serious and hungry. Hehe.

IMG_3191Hot tip if you like mussels and beer, and who the hell doesn’t?! 

IMG_3192We tried a few different ones, sadly don’t remember the names at all.. all nice though!

IMG_3193I had the same ones that I always have, the ones drowned in roquefort sauce. Mmmmmm…. 

IMG_3196A happy me, and Richards arm.. the only picture where you see him properly was one that I squeezed in to and looked absolutely terrible, so eh, sorry about that Richard :/

IMG_3199A dangerously strong, but very tasty, beer. And its cute! 

IMG_3200A beautiful sunny afternoon with tasty food, beer and good friends. What more could a girl ask for? 

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